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Why Having a Pet is Beneficial

When I was getting ready to move to college and leave my home behind for the school year, the one thing on my mind was that I wouldn’t be able to take my dogs with me, and not see their wagging tails and smiling faces everyday like I had done for all of my life. Now, after spending a full semester at college, my pets are still the one thing on my mind when I am away from home. I even came home two weeks into first semester because I missed my dogs so much. So why exactly is this proving why having a pet is beneficial?

When I was in high school, or just home with my dogs, they were a huge comfort to me. Anytime I was having a hard day, rather it was from school or a personal issue, my dogs were right there to let me pet them and give me kisses all over, even though they had no idea what was going on or why I was sad. Now, being at college with no pet whatsoever, when I have a hard day whether it’s being overwhelmed with classes, job, and other activities I do, I don’t have my dogs there for me to make everything better. It has proved to be a big difference, as just the presence of my dogs always made my day so much better. A few of my college friends do have pets, and whenever I would see their pets, it would make my day and give me a serotonin boost just even sitting there playing or petting with an animal.

The best part of having my dogs is when I finally get to see them after a long time. The second I walk in the door, my smaller dog is jumping all over me and once I sit down she attacks me with kisses and she gets so excited that her tail wagging takes over her whole body. That part is the best about coming home. It makes me forget all about the stress of college, class, work, clubs, etc. and I just think in the moment of loving my dogs and being away from all the stressfulness of life.

The benefits of having a pet are great, even I am much happier when I am with my dogs, or even other people’s pets. They help reduce stress, and overall give company to people who live alone. I have multiple friends that live alone, and they all have pets and they all love how much company they give them. When I am at home, my mom works nights often so I am home alone. Normally my big house all to myself at night would be creepy, but having both my dogs there makes it all better. Whenever I hear a noise, I know it’s just my dogs. One night, it was storming and my older dog is really scared of storms. She came down into my room and just laid on my bed with me, and it not only comforted her, but having her laying with me in my bed comforted me, and made me feel great.

In conclusion, pets not only help give company and make people happy, they are very beneficial in helping reduce stress, and overall make life fun.

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