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SGA turns to allocations

The Student Government Association held their weekly meeting on February 16, 2022. The meeting discussed resolutions regarding trigger warnings on display cases, as well as spring allocations.

After Roll call, officer reports began. President Brenner started off by mentioning that she was working on the freedom of expression project, and a meeting with the student body president to discuss a proposal to make an election day a non-international holiday, in order to not have classes during election days. She also mentioned meeting with SVP on their resolution

Bella L’Heureux discussed higher education day on March 9th, which will be various meetings with legislators on a trip to Topeka, Kansas. She also mentioned the status on their resolution to provide trigger warnings on the display cases regarding sexual violence, as they were deemed an optional precaution to be added to displays if desired. Multicultural affairs director Cee-Say suggested that all SGA members attend an office of student diversity meeting, as well as encouraging attending different events held by the African Student Association.

Moving into new business, resolution 21-25 was discussed regarding spring allocations, and the resolution was moved and seconded, then voted on and adopted. Resolution 21-26 was then talked over, regarding freedom of expression on campus and policy changes to review and revise policies related to free expression. Then, Jamie Brooksher of the university council covered the policies around disruptions on campus and what qualifies as a disruption, and appropriate punishment for it. The resolution was also moved, seconded, and adopted.

Moving into external committee reports, Marci Heatherly covered the 4 carpet options for future activities. Senator Rice also mentioned the office of student ambassadors looking for members and officers, as well as a few other various announcements mentioned by different senators.  SGA is also going through the elections process for new senators and applications, and this was also promoted and discussed throughout the meeting.

“SGA is the best way, if you really want to get plugged in,” said Marci Heatherly, junior in English education. “If you’re kind of a go-getter, and want to make change. It offers a lot of leadership opportunities in the form of leading community service projects, or events, or going and interacting with faculty on external committees. When you’re a senator you get put on external committees with faculty, and I would say it’s a great way to get plugged in with all of Pitt State as a whole.”

Students with concerns that they would like to voice to the Student Government Association should stop by their office (111 Overman Student Center) or by phone (620-235-4810). Concerns can also be submitted online under their tab on Pitt State’s website (pittstate.edu).

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