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French Club says ‘Bonjour!’ to PSU

PSU has many clubs here on campus that give their own unique taste to the university and there is one club that brings culture from halfway across the world: the French Club.

The French Club here at PSU does many things to help people get involved in the French language, culture, day-to-day looks, holidays, and events.

“The French Club is a place where students that are interested in the French language or what we call “francophone” culture meet to learn more about the French traditions and holidays,” said Claire Hurst, junior in French education and French Club president. 

They hold club meetings once a month, on the last Monday of each month at 5 pm in Grubbs Hall. Meetings often include snacks and drinks that are provided for members. They also participate in games, or watching a movie, and like to discuss upcoming French holidays and events and learn more about them.

“I wanted to join the French Club as I am majoring in it and love francophone culture, and I wanted to meet new people that share the same interests as me, and learn even more about French culture and language,” Hurst said.

The club is prominent with advertising, and you can find them at the campus organization fair to help share to students who may want to join the club. They also share information to students who are currently enrolled in French classes, and post about meetings in Gorilla Engage sharing the time, location, and all about the event for anyone who wants to attend.

Currently, they have 15 members, but are hoping to expand that number.

In years past, they would hold a bake sale every year. Unfortunately, because of health and safety concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, they have not been able to host a bake sale or any special events at all, but hope that they can soon.

As well as learning about culture, they also like to practice speaking the language either to help students currently enrolled in French classes, or to help students who just want to learn more about the language itself. They like to discuss the day-to-day aspects of French culture and what a day looks like in France.

Students interested in joining the French Club can find more information on Gorilla Engage.

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