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Student Government Association adopts three new resolutions

Student Government Association held their weekly meeting on Nov. 10, 2021. The meeting discussed and adopted 3 new resolutions regarding trigger warnings, election boards, and educational funding on campus.  

Starting off with officer reports, President Brenner covered election boards and its resolution, as well as helping with elections in the spring. She also detailed that more scantrons were added in the office and reinforced keeping the office clean. Brenner also mentioned that the CAC is looking for a graphic designer, as well as promoting Big Pink Volleyball on Sunday.  

Vice president Bella L’Heureux mentioned that she gave a presentation to some high school students that morning regarding informed and responsible voting. She also mentioned the resolution regarding trigger warnings later. 

Campus Engagement Director Heatherly mentioned the future for Apple Day, as well as praising her committee for their hard work. In Chair reports, Morgan Singletary covered updates in the GroupMe regarding future events, as well as a sign-up sheet for new members.  

Moving into old business, Bella began to cover resolution 21-12. This resolution covers the educational opportunity fund providing funds to various student opportunities and success services, and in order to accurately predict the amounts for the next fiscal year, a 4% cut would be made. This resolution was averaged out by analyzing lots of numbers, as Brenner said. This was later passed.  

Following into New business, resolution 21-13 covers trigger warnings. This resolution advocates for mandatory trigger warnings on potentially triggering displays on campus for the protection of survivors. This resolution was commented on as well, with notes that SGA wants to avoid causing those negative emotions while viewing such boards and informative topics. This was taken into a vote, and later adopted.  

Finally, resolution 21-14 was addressed regarding the chairman of the election board. This outlines the necessity for a chairman on the election board, to which Bella will be appointed to once adopted next semester. This resolution was seconded and adopted into second reading.  

Moving into New business, and external committee reports. A new event for Hannukah was discussed as well as plans. Work is still being done on a Sustainability Tracking Assessment and Rating System (STARS) to help maintain sustainability on campus.  

“I am most looking forward to ‘The Big Event’, which is an event we have in the spring. It’s a huge community service event open to all student organizations on campus. We go around and we help community members clean their yard, mow their lawn, those little yardwork things that can be hard for our community members. It’s completely free, and it’s a huge event that takes all day on a Saturday. Its my favorite event that we do as a part of SGA.” Said Morgan Singletary, a senior double majoring in math and computer information systems.  

Students with concerns that they would like to voice to Student Government Association should stop by their office (111 Overman Student Center) or by phone (620-235-4810). Concerns can also be submitted online under their tab on Pitt State’s website (pittstate.edu).  

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