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Travis Scott should be held responsible for AstroWorld deaths

For those who don’t know, last weekend rapper Travis Scott had a big music festival planned in Houston Texas, called AstroWorld. When the concert began, fans rushed towards the stage to get closer to the artist, when horror came about and fans started being trampled and injected with mysterious things. Chaos began and people were lying dead, and being given CPR. 

Many people would think this would cause the singer to stop the concert, but this situation he did not. Scott continued with his set even though he could very clearly see what was happening. The whole crew did nothing as well, and a viral video shows fans climbing on stage screaming for them to stop the concert, saying “People are dead, stop the concert.” 

Even with ambulances arriving and paramedics making their way through the crowd, nothing made Scott stop the concert. 

Many people on social media are wanting to believe it was a planned satanic ritual of some sort, with 8 flames, 8 people died, a burning dove, and a screen saying “See you on the other side.”

Even if it was, these 8 people had lives, and do not deserve to be used as a sacrifice, and Scott should pay for funeral costs. Even with, hundreds more got injured and at least 10 more have died in the hospital. Scott should as well be paying for their medical bills. 

Many people could also argue that he didn’t stop because of money, but that is just a sad excuse. Many artists have stopped concerts for way smaller things. For example, Harry Styles once stopped when he saw a fan about to pass out and didn’t begin again until she got some water and was okay. Many artists have been known to do this. 

Another reason towards Scott is one time he was crowd surfing and someone took his shoe. He stopped the concert and told his fans to jump the guy and wouldn’t begin again until he got his shoe back. So, Scott clearly does not care about the money. 

A lot of people on social media are also arguing that even though Scott should be in jail, people are also arguing about Ariana Grande’s concert with the bombing that occurred in 2017. Then, Grande payed for funeral and medical bills, blamed herself when it wasn’t her fault at all. With Scott, he gave a fake apology on his Instagram story and so far hasn’t expressed any thoughts on paying for funeral and medical expenses. 

What happened is horrific and no one should go to a concert wanting to have fun and leave being thankful to be alive, or never make it back home. Scott should hold responsibility, and should face some sort of jail time for ignoring people dying 20 feet away from him, and poor security causing people to literally get trampled to death. No human should ever have no regard for someone dying right in front of them, let alone fans who love you and your music, and proves how much of a horrible human being Scott is and deserve to pay. 

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