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Shock the Nation wins against Hood Fav EBK

Mason Richards, freshman in construction management, attempts a pass against Hood Fav EBK during the intramural flag football red division game. Richards is the quarterback for ‘Shock the Nation.’ Dominic Santiago

Shock the Nation, one of the intramural flag football teams, defeated Hood Fav EBK in the men’s flag football championship game. The game was the final game of the fall season and took place at Carnie Smith stadium during a cold and rainy October night.

The game ended with a final score of 28 to 12 with Shock the Nation winning the championship. The team experienced many successful games during the regular season and worked hard to win on Saturday, Oct. 28. 

“Going into this game, I knew it was going to be a tough game because they were probably a lot more athletic than us,” said Mason Richards, freshman in construction management and quarterback for Shock the Nation. “But then once the game started, I knew that we had the game won.”

Shock the Nation only lost one game during the season when they fell to Bishop Sycamore on Sept. 27.

They competed well during the regular season with big wins against LCA Red Shirts 35 to 0 and Certified Lover Boys 33 to 12. During the regular season the team faced Hood Fav EBK, who they would play in the championship, and won 34-31.

Hood Fav EBK on the other hand, nearly completed the regular season undefeated. But the loss to Shock the Nation in the last game of the regular season prevented that achievement.

The team had notable wins during the season with a 38 to 0 win over Certified Lover Boys and a 40 to 31 win against Bishop Sycamore in the playoffs.

Shock the Nation is one of five teams in the red division of intramural flag football. During the playoffs, the top three teams from the red and white division entered a bracket. 

The top two teams, Sigma Epsilon and Hood Fav EBK, were given a bye round before facing Shock the Nation and Bishop Sycamore respectively.

Many intramural flag football members played football during high school but did not join a college football team. However, they didn’t want to leave the sport behind. 

“I joined football because, when I graduated high school, I didn’t think I would play again. I love high school football and I wanted to continue to play so the team captain sent me an invite and I said ‘sure, I’ll play,” Richards said.

Richards has enjoyed his experience with the team and was happy to be part of the team’s victory in the championship game.

“My experience: it’s been fun with great team, Shock the Nation. They have been a great team,” Richards said.

He takes pride in his team’s win and recognized his teammates. Richards believes that they would not have won without the energy and work that his teammates put in during the game.

“Shock the Nation! That’s all I have to say.” Mason Richards said.

The intramural flag football league will hold another season in the spring where Mason Richards hopes to continue to play for Shock the Nation. More information about the championship game and the intramural league can be found at imleagues.com.

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