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SGA discusses preventing sexual violence

Student Government Association held their weekly meeting on October 27. The meeting discussed their plans to prevent sexual violence on campus. 

Following the officer and chair reports, vice president Bella L’Heureux discussed old business. Starting with resolution 21-10, which recommends additional communication and change to Pittsburg State University regarding sexual violence. The resolution details that students on campus have had their safety at risk due to the unacceptable acts of sexual violence. It also mentions that instances of sexual violence on our college campuses and our community will no longer “be overlooked,” as well as the Student Advisory Committee and the Governing Body of Pittsburg State University Students aim to support those victims to the best of their ability and stand in solidarity with them in their time of need.

The resolution also places the responsibility on the administration and its authorities to actively prevent these acts and protect the safety of all students. SGA vows to make a conscious effort to promote the safety of all students on our campus and keep communication open. Following the approval of this resolution, president Kaedra Brenner will sign a letter of support collectively written by the student body president to be sent to all university authorities and students. 

Brenner mentioned that the letter was prepared, and discussions about acceptance were planned with vice president of student life Steve Irwin. The resolution was passed. Following resolution 21-20, new business was discussed. 

External Committee reports concluded the meeting. Sydney Martinez met with Educational Opportunity Fund Committee, which helps provide payment to keep funds like tutoring and the writing center going. They made recommendations, and a 45-thousand-dollar range of allocations which will be resolved next week in writing. President Brenner mentioned that she met with board governors, where they spoke about adding a range for student organizations when they have events outside of the regular business hours. For example, student workers will come in and work extra hours after closing and will be charged for those hours. The resolution for that is already under way. Bella concluded the meeting hammering down on excused absences from meetings. 

Brenner, senior in plastics engineering technology, spoke on resolution 21-10. 

“SGA is working with our campus officials and finding ways that we can improve so we can avoid these rising cases,” Brenner said. “Because we know that it is something that happens which is completely unavoidable in every way, but we want to reduce that as much as possible. We want to have active communication as to how we can avoid that, like lighting on campus, security cameras, and other things like that.”

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