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Larry Fields seeks reelection

Larry Fields, Pittsburg city commissioner, is re-running for the position in the Nov. 2 election. Image Courtesy of Pittsburg City

Larry Fields, current city commissioner, is vying for reelection during the 2021 election cycle. Fields, who was elected in 2019, has been an active member of Pittsburg and owns various properties and business in Pittsburg.

Fields is one of seven candidates that are running for three positions on the Pittsburg city commission. He hopes to continue his duties as city commissioner with a commitment to maintaining Pittsburg with taxes and burden government puts on its citizens in mind.

“Pittsburg is a business. People disagree with that, but Pittsburg is a business. The city provides services like fire and police. The city must pay for those things and we as taxpayers pay for those things. Like it or not, it’s a business.”

As commissioner, Fields has overseen many city projects. He talked about his pride in Pittsburg as a community.

“Overall, Pittsburg does a very good job,” Fields said during a “Lunch with the Candidates event.”

Fields is running as a candidate that believes in lower taxes and few regulations from the government. He talked more about this during a “Lunch with the Candidates” event on October 26.

“I believe in capitalism, and I believe in small government,” Fields said. “I think we should have small government and allow the people and business to have all the freedom and liberty they can have. But, let them do it without as many regulations as possible.”

Larry Fields is a large supporter of term limits. He spoke about this topic during a ‘Lunch with the Candidates’ event on October 26.

“I believe in term limits. I also believe in Santa Claus, but I think I will see Santa Claus before I see term limits,” Fields said.

Fields is happy with the way that Pittsburg has handled the many problems and issues in the community.

“Pittsburg is doing well; you can go looking for trouble by wording questions to get whatever answers you want, but overall Pittsburg is doing well.” Fields said. 

Larry Fields hopes to serve his second term on the Pittsburg City Commission after being elected two years ago.

“No place is perfect, but it’s the one we have,” Fields said. “I’m proud of Pittsburg and I’d like to serve one more term.”

He believes the biggest problem facing Pittsburg is its homeless population.

“Let’s talk about minor crime. And this group (homeless people) are a big part of it,” Fields said. “You know why? The Lords Dinner, Wesley House, and the Salvation army. Crawford county brings all of its homeless, Southeast Kansas brings all of its homeless, part of Oklahoma brings part of its homeless to Pittsburg. Pittsburg and Joplin are the only cities in the area who provide breakfast, dinner, clothing, showers for men on Monday and women on Tuesday, and a cell phone…” 

He went into more detail about his views on the homeless in Pittsburg.

“But we provide all of these things and people are bussed from Oklahoma, I won’t say where, and they come off the bus and they don’t know where they are,” Fields said. “They sit around Block 22. Everyone has a right to eat but it causes issues.”

The city commission election will be held on November 2. Voting information and polling locations can be found at pittks.org.

“The Collegio” reached out to Fields for comment but received no response.

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