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PSU celebrates Homecoming Week

Homecoming candidates sporting their sashes at the Homecoming Kickoff on Oct. 11. They can be seen all around campus participating in their organizations and homecoming events while wearing their honor identifier. Libby Davis

Students gathered in the Oval to celebrate the beginning of Homecoming Week. The Homecoming Committee provided attendees with do-it-yourself stuffed gorillas, an axe throwing trailer, hotdog dinners, party music, and an impressive amount of yard games. 

The Homecoming Kickoff event was held at 6:30 p.m. on the first day of Homecoming Week, Monday Oct. 11. 

“PSU has a lot of pride in what we do here, a lot of pride in our traditions, Kickoff night is one of those nights for the whole Pittsburg State community to get together, prepare for the big week, eat some food, and celebrate making it past midterms,” said Cale Chapman, junior in communications and Homecoming King Candidate.

Approximately 100 students showed up at the Oval and participated in the activities made available to them. 

“I think tonight is going really well, it’s a good turn out, especially with last year us not being able to have a homecoming at all, and the year before that it felt like homecoming was forgotten,” said Logan Carter, junior in marketing and steering chair of the Homecoming Committee. “So I’m really glad that we’ve been able to bring it back this year and everyone seems to be having a great time.”

Homecoming Kickoff is the first event of many during Homecoming Week. Throughout the week students participated in Raft Races, a movie showing, Yell Like Hell, Homecoming Parade, GorillaFest, and the week will culminate in Saturday’s home football game.

“I think Homecoming Kickoff is really important for students because it is at the beginning of the week, it’s our job to set the tone and get people excited for the rest of the activities and events during homecoming,” said Bailey Bacon, sophomore in nursing and Homecoming Kickoff chair. 

Lots of businesses and organizations around the community are excited to lend a hand during homecoming festivities. 

“We have been fortunate with the support we have gotten for this event,” Bacon said. “We got alumni to donate and cook all of the food for us, we have the Axe Throwing Company here from Kansas City, and we got the giant photo chair from the CAC,” Bacon said. 

The Homecoming Committee is made up of student volunteers.

“I have loved my time on the Homecoming Committee,” Bacon said. “We had an executive retreat that gave all of us the opportunity to bond with people we wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to meet or build a relationship with otherwise.”

Overall, Kickoff Night is an opportunity for students to celebrate their community with their friends and classmates, according to Chapman.

“Kickoff Night is always super fun with a large turnout, lots of people from different organizations, even the organizations with smaller numbers are out here in full force tonight..,” Chapman said. “After being separated for so long, you kind of compartmentalize all of the different groups and social circles that you have. Tonight, I’ve seen all of the different social circles break and unite together around PSU pride.”

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