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‘Grey’s Anatomy’: more than a show about romantic doctors

“Grey’s Anatomy”; teenage girls and middle-aged moms all over love the show, especially the hot doctors nicknamed “McDreamy” and “McSteamy.” Girls everywhere watch for the drama and relationships that make you interested in who is with who each episode. Although I am a sucker for Derek Shepard, “Grey’s Anatomy” is a great show for many more reasons than just these hot doctors. 

The show has run for 18 seasons now, 18 seasons of drama. One of the big things about the show is the huge edge-of-your-seat season finales that leave you wondering until the next season. While the finales keep the show interesting, they also address lots of life-or-death situations as well as many real-world problems throughout the show.

One of the biggest problems covered, in my opinion, is the season six finale (quick spoiler warning, and a trigger warning as well). This specific finale involved the hospital in a shooting. One of their former patients’ husbands came back for revenge after his wife didn’t wake up from surgery since he believed his wife’s death was the hospital’s fault, specifically the Chief of Surgery, the main doctor, and the resident. 

He was also suing the hospital, but it wasn’t enough since he wasn’t winning the lawsuit, so he took his anger out in a much worse way. Viewers got to see the horrors of what living through a shooting is like, and how it can affect people who escape death, people who watch others die or get shot, and even how people deal with PTSD after the shooting. 

Most recently, with Covid-19 going on, season 17 was dedicated to showing how the pandemic has affected doctors. They showed when people’s loved ones have Covid-19, how it affects them, and they also showed what it was like to have Covid-19 as one of the main doctors got it and survived. 

During the season, they showed many instances of doctors struggling in the pandemic, such as when the hospital would lose so many patients a day who were fine just last week, and how much of a toll these deaths take on the hospital staff. One of the bigger issues was an episode where they ran out of ventilators. It was a big issue with a lot of hard work to try and keep people off the ventilators. After that failed, the hospital came out with a big solution that saved many lives. 

By showing one of the doctors fighting Covid-19, the producers were able to show the way the doctor had dreams of past loved ones who died and the way, even after they thought she was okay, her lungs and body were still very weak which put her into a coma. Even after surviving, in the end of the season and into the new season 18, they have shown the doctor’s current situation after fighting and beating Covid-19.

Although I personally love the show for the relationships and seeing all the drama play out, it really addresses real world issues such as those listed as well as current issues with police brutality, LGBTQ+, abusive relationships, and so much more to make the show more involved into the real world. 

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