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GAB hosts ‘Late Night Laser Tag’ in Student Center

Oct 8. was a long-yet-thrilling night for attendees of a laser tag event hosted by the Gorilla Activities Board (GAB) in the Overman Student Center.

Olivia Holman, freshman in biology and Shae Gilstrap, freshman in English, work together in “Late Night Laser Tag” hosted by GAB on Oct. 8. Dominic Santiago

The event allowed students to form 10 person teams to play against each other or play in a free-for-all match. The event was one of only a few late-night events that GAB will be hosting this semester.

Cale Chapman, junior in communication and president of GAB, spoke about the event.

“Late Night Laser Tag’ is an old favorite of GAB’s,” Chapman said. “We did this two years ago and had really good turnout. It is one of many late-night events put on by our late-night committee. We’re seeing some strong numbers again; last time was about 200 and so that’s what we’re shooting for tonight.”

Late night events have become more popular on campus throughout the years, and GAB hopes to continue holding events that students get excited about. One of the ways they are accomplishing that goal is with the formation of a late-night committee.

“Late night programming has always been a component that GAB has looked for while trying to build a kind of late-night atmosphere here, and so a couple years back we decided to make it official,” Chapman said. “We made a whole late-night committee that solely worked on late night events. This was one of the first that we did. It’s kind of a staple of our late-night events.”

Chapman spoke about his enjoyment of ‘Late Night Laser Tag’ at Pitt State and how he wants students to participate in these events. He wants students to be active on campus.

“Laser tag is personally (one of) my favorite events,” Chapman said. “It’s a blast. Everybody always has a good time doing it. It’s easy. Anybody can get in there; you know it goes all night long. So, when Gab works to do this again in the future, I highly recommend people coming out having a good time. Bring a group, bring your organization, bring your roommates. It lends itself really well to friend groups and teams or individuals if that’s how you want to play.”

GAB will hold many more events throughout the month of October. Chapman wanted to reiterate the importance of students checking Gorilla Engage for upcoming events.

“During Homecoming week, GAB is off,” Chapman said. “We’re not doing anything, but immediately after Homecoming on Oct. 21, we’re going to have ‘Plenty O’ Cookies’. So, Plenty is a drag queen and they come in and teach you how to decorate cookies. That event is limited capacity though, only 100 people. The week after that, on Oct. 26, we have a murder mystery dinner, which is a very special. We want to highlight this one because it is a ticketed event. It’s also limited capacity.”

The late-night activity committee is planning on one more event this semester. They will hold a late-night library event to help students recover before finals week in December.

“We’ve got one late night event left and it’ll be all the way in December,” Chapman said. “It’s the final event of the year. It’s a late night at the library. It’ll be December 1st, so it’ll be during dead week. For that one, all you have to do is show up to library and we’ll have some breakfast food and stuff there. We’ll have some stress relief materials and some mindfulness kits.”

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