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ABC hosts Disney Trivia Night

Carlie Payne, sophmore in biochemistry, and Khadija Ceesay, junior in English,. work together to answer the trivia questions on Wednesday, Oct. 6. Trivia Night was hosted by ABC and included Disney and Marvel trivia questions. Diego Oliva

ABC, the organization dedicated to fans of trivia, hosted a Disney-themed trivia night inside the Overman Student Center. The night included trivia over Disney’s classic movies, marvel movies, and Disney theme parks.

The events theme was picked by the organization’s treasurer, Morgan Singletary, because of the 50th anniversary of the Disney theme parks.

“I did the Disney College Program in fall 2019 where I worked as a merchandiser in ‘Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge,’ which I loved,” said Morgan Singletary, senior in computer information systems and treasurer of ABC. “I actually got to be there opening day which was an amazing experience and it’s my plan for when I graduate. I want to go back and work for the company.”

Morgan Singletary was one of the founding members of ABC and helps to organize the groups events.

“Neal Zoglmann, one of my close friends, showed a really big interest in a club on campus that’s for brain health and trivia,” Singletary said. “He’s really passionate about it. He needed one other person and I said that I was more than willing to help.” 

She suggested a Disney-themed trivia night because of her experience with the Disney company. Singletary wanted to share her love of Disney with people in the organization and other students that attended the event.

“I’m from Florida, so I lived right down the street from Disney, and it was just a nice way for me to think about being at home while here,” Singletary said. “It helped me from being homesick. I got to share it with all my friends and have a good night and get to give people prizes.”

Morgan Singletary hopes that the students that attended the trivia night had fun and will consider joining ABC.

“I hope they had a great time, and that they enjoyed all the fun trivia, especially the stuff they didn’t know,” Singletary said. “I like trivia because it requires me to learn, but in like a super fun environment. I study all day long and here I get to do something fun like trivia where I sit with my friends, and we talk about what we do and don’t know. It’s not an academic environment and it’s honestly relaxing.”

While Singletary was the first to pitch the idea of a Disney-themed trivia night, many other members of the club were involved in planning the event. The organization’s president and junior in elementary education Neal Zoglmann, started the event with a short speech and helped tally points throughout the night.

“It was her idea, Disney trivia, and so it’s kind of just a chill Disney trivia night,” Zoglmann said. “We’re going to be running rounds and they’ll be prizes given out. Basically, it’s just a fun trivia night. That’s what our whole club is, kind of just a trivia club.”

The organizers gave out small prizes for the winners of the trivia night. Many of the prizes were Disney-themed.

“There are some little prizes, like they’re not like huge,” said Zoglmann. “There are some puzzles. There are some little action figures. There’s a note, like a tiny little Mickey Mouse pen set or whatever. They’re just quirky little prizes that we picked up for the fun of it.”

Zoglmann also talked about his passion for trivia.

“I love trivia,” Zoglmann said. “I’ve applied for Jeopardy three times. I’ve only advanced once, and then COVID hit so I didn’t get to go on ‘Jeopardy.’ I missed my rise to fame, but oh well. I’ve always loved trivia. I was the Scholars Bowl captain in high school, and so this is just my thing.”

ABC is currently working on more events in the winter and spring for students to participate in. The organization encourages students to check Gorilla Engage for upcoming events.

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