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Sigma Alpha Iota hosts burrito sale

Sigma Alpha Iota (SAI), the women’s music fraternity on campus, sold burritos inside McCray Hall to pay for dues of its new members. 

They sold burritos from inside McCray Hall and accepted orders for people to pick up at a later time.

“It is for two specific members in training that we have right now,” said Kara Ragan, senior in business management and treasurer of Sigma Alpha Iota. “So, the idea is to have about 100 each for them, and we’re pretty close to it with the burritos we’ve sold.”

Sigma Alpha Iota has an emphasis on women in music. The organization chose to host the burrito sale in McCray Hall because it acts a “home base” for the group.

“We’re just kind of based out of here and a lot of members of SAI are music majors. So, we just have connections in the building for the most part.” Kara Ragan said.

While the organization is focused towards music majors, it accepts anyone that has an interest in music.

“It is quite focused on music majors, but of course since I’m a business management major, it’s just geared toward women with a real focus in music,” Ragan said. “It’s a professional women’s music fraternity. We are connected with other chapters across Kansas. So, we are able to meet up with them occasionally. And we are just able to meet together and have sisterhood. That’s really cool, since music connects so many of us.”

The burrito sale has been part of the organizations outreach for years. Many previous members enjoyed making burritos and it has become a part of the organization.

“Well, people like food and it’s just something that we’ve been doing for a while,” Ragan said. “People who have graduated enjoyed it. It’s been going on for probably seven to ten years.”

Many people were involved in the event. Members of Sigma Alpha Iota helped prepare burritos and sell the burritos.

“There was a lot more people that came to prep the burritos and warm them in the mornings,” Ragan said. “And we had people do the pre-orders that we sold. it was probably 5 hours on prep, so I’d say probably around 12 hours, just in terms of getting it prepared and running the sales in the morning. We had 130 in pre-orders and then we probably sold around 20 just from people coming by.”

Following the success of the sale, the group continues to be active the department of music and encourages new people to join.

“I mean, just it’s an amazing group of women who support you no matter what,” Ragan said. “If you play an instrument or have a love for music, we have something that you could connect to. I think that having more members and just an ability to reach out to more of the campus would be very beneficial.”

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