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RHA Hosts ‘Grocery Bingo’

Olivia Holman, freshman in biology and management, fills in Emma Polly’s, freshman in nursing, bingo board. Polly won the fifth game of grocery bingo. Alyssa Tyler

On Aug. 18, 2021, at 7 p.m, the Residence Hall Association (RHA) hosted Grocery Bingo for the first time for students who live on campus. Students could win a variety of prizes throughout the eight games of bingo.

“This was started as a spin-off to our grocery carnival, we wanted to play a game that’s more popular nowadays so bingo is what came to mind. So we said `why don’t we just do our grocery bingo this way,” said Amaya Harris, RHA president and junior in business. 

The games of bingo were played by the classic in-a-row, to four-corners, and the last game being blackout. One student per round could win an assortment of prizes: ranging from coffee products, laundry items, and a bag filled with random food items that would be a perfect fit for dorms. Only one student could win each round. However once that one student won a prize, they could not compete again until the last round. RHA received an assortment of supplies and prizes in a variety of different ways.

“The way we got all of our supplies is from our fundraising endeavors and our allocations that we receive each and every year,” said Harris.

This was one of the many events hosted this week to help get new students acclimated to college life and let them know what is happening on their campus. One of these students was a freshman in biology Amber Baumont. Baumont won the second game and received a bag of assorted food items for her dorm.

“I came out here to meet new people and to get closer with the people in my hall and dorm,” Baumont.

Some students went out to meet new people while other students went to look at and consider joining new groups and organizations.

“(I went to get the) chances to be a part of organizations,” said freshman in psychology Kyah Enyart. Just to be part of something that could impact other people and to encourage others to join that organization as well,”                   

While the event was hosted to give away prizes, the RHA leaders made sure to promote and advertise how to get into RHA. And to showcase the two positions that they currently have open. Currently, RHA has its vice president and National Communications Coordinator (NCC) position open.

““Our goal is that every student is able to have a great time and that this can be one of the memories that they remember for the rest of the school year,” said Harris… “[RHA] meets every other Monday starting Aug. 3o and the way you can get involved is by joining your community council at your residence hall and getting involved that way.”

RHA has its first council meeting on Aug. 23 at 8 p.m. in the residence hall lobbies. To apply for RHA positions, students can look on RHA social media platforms.

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