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International students from Pakistan join PSU

Moazma Khan, international student, inside the Oval on Pittstate’s campus on Sept. 16. Khan is a student from Pakistan that is pursuing a medical degree. Dominic Santiago

Moazma and Aiman Khan, international students from the country of Pakistan, recently joined the Pittsburg State University student body. 

Moazma Khan is entering her fourth year of medical studies and is working towards a Bachelor of Medicine-Bachelor of Surgery.

“I’m becoming a doctor from Pakistan,” Moazma Khan said. “I’m studying at Federal Medical College (In Pakistan) and I’m currently in my fourth year of MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine-Bachelor of Surgery). Just one more year left and then I’ll be a doctor.”

Aiman Khan has enjoyed her experiences so far on campus and in the United States.

“I’m exploring this state and I’m exploring this beautiful campus and the people are so good and nice here,” Aiman Khan said. “They are very good at welcoming and studies. They also engage themselves in extracurricular activities. I will say people are so kind and cooperative and I have engaged a lot here and in different events. I have attended multiple events here and just try to engage myself more on campus. People are so kind and cooperative and I have also made many friends here.”

Aiman Khan emphasized the difference in education in the United States compared to Pakistani Universities.

“It was nice there, but the thing I have learned here is a lot is practical work,” Khan said. “The practical work is somehow missing there, but practical work in USA is quite better, like laboratory work and experimental work.”

Moazma Khan is nearing the end of her time in college. This semester she is only taking general courses alongside the standard classes for international students. Aiman Khan wants to continue her education in Pakistan after her time at Pittsburg State University.

“My classes are general psychology and first aid and CPR.” Aiman Khan said. “Then I have to take some international courses like American history and the transition course for the international students and English composition for the international students. I’m just taking one minor course and that is a pre-health orientation one.”

Aiman Khan said that she had a tough time adjusting to a new time zone and environment. However, she found ways to connect with other students on campus.

“You can win anything through your kindness,” Khan said. “And you have to be more evocative and vocal about everything. Like if you are, if you have a welcoming nature, it will get very easy for you to be to get adjusted here.”

While she attends Pittsburg State University in hopes of learning about American culture, she hasn’t forgotten the lessons she learned in Pakistan.

“My study hours here are quite hectic so something that I have learned in my medical school is working smart,” Aiman Khan said. “If you just utilize your time smartly, the task will become quite easy for you. If you study very hard, like you are studying 10 to 12 hours it becomes very difficult. So, in the last four years I just learned two major lessons. Work smartly and be yourself. Just don’t try to be pretentious about anything, just be yourself. The more you are yourself, the easier it becomes.”

Aaron Hurt, director of international programs and services at Pittsburg State University spoke about the importance of international studies.

“I hope they learn about American culture and American values,” Hurt said. “That can be done through their professors or their classmates or the other programs that we offer. We offer the Pitt Pal program where we match an international student with an American student. We also have a host family program where we can match an international student with an American family so they can get that experience also.”

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