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HOT host events during Hispanics Heritage Month

Rogelio Cardenas, member of Hispanics of today works inside the Office of Student Diversity on Sept. 28. Cardenas is working with fellow members of Hispanics of today to plan future events. Dominic Santiago

Hispanics of Today (HOT) has been holding events and participating in activities to promote Hispanic heritage on campus throughout the year. 

The organization is focused on promoting Hispanic heritage on campus and creating a more welcoming environment for them on campus.

“We really want to not be the voice but rather give character to the Hispanics in such a diverse environment and the diversity that the Hispanics bring to Pittsburg State University,” said Rogelio Cardenas, junior in business. “Knowing that Pittsburg does have a lot of Hispanics in it. But we try to show those students that are academically strong and are Hispanics as well to become empowered and go beyond college, to succeed in life.”

Hispanics of Today have hosted many events during the semester to promote their organization. However, they have become more active during September and October because of “Hispanic Heritage Month.”

“Heritage Month is from Sept. 15 to Oct. 5,” Cardenas said. “We recently last week we did ‘La Celebracion’ and we had a bunch of people from different countries and different origins that came and showed and displayed their foods and their cultures through their foods, either giving their food away or selling it.”

Recently, HOT held a taco sale on campus. While the organization does host large events, small events such as the taco sales help them connect with individual students.

“We had the hot food sale where we sold street tacos in The Oval,” Cardenas said. “Street tacos are a very Mexican-oriented cultural thing. However, we do things that we try to embrace all cultures and all races here on campus. We love people who are heavily involved in our organization and to be able to show them during Hispanic Heritage Month is important to us.”

Cardenas spoke about his personal experience on campus as a Hispanic person at Pittsburg State University.

“I know that me personally coming from a huge Latino populated area that’s coming to a region that isn’t as hugely Hispanic populated, it definitely does take a toll on some people individually,” Cardenas said. “And I felt not as welcomed compared to other people being welcomed here at Pitt State. The environment is great, but some people weren’t as welcoming. It was very difficult to feel welcomed or settle in knowing that there wasn’t much of my culture. So as soon as I got into this club and organization and I immediately felt a sense of comfort, and I think that’s why I joined in.”

Students can contact Hispanics of Today on Gorilla Engage or on social media. The organization is also housed in the office of student diversity inside Horace Mann. Hispanics of Today continue to plan events for the remaining weeks of Hispanic Heritage Month. They hope to continue to serve the student body effectively and promote Hispanic culture on campus.

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