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Comedian Mya May performs in the U-club

Comedian Maya May jokes about her time as a mother while performing her comedy routine for GAB in the U-Club on sept. 23. Alyssa Tyler

Comedian Mya May performed in the U-Club on Sept. 28. May was invited by the Gorilla Activities Board (GAB) to perform a comedy routine.

“We were looking to maybe have a coffee shop vibe to it. We had some free cookies (and) free coffee as well. The U-club seems to lend itself pretty well to this kind of coffee shop vibe,” said junior and GAB president Cole Chapman. “Einstein’s is already down there so there are lots of booths, lots of places to sit and have some food and relax for a bit. Comedians are generally pretty good in that environment.”

May’s comedy routine included jokes about her sexuality, social issues, and her experiences and time traveling abroad. 

“I thought it was really good, she was joking about her age and stuff, but she made a point to connect with the people in the audience, so I thought it was a really good one,” said Sophomore and Social Media Chair Tricia Combs, strategic communications major. 

“Every semester we have a national association of campus activities (NACA) convention and there we get to see from all of the different agencies out there and what talent they have, what events they have and who and what we can bring to campus. So, when we were looking in the spring to see who to bring in the fall, we were looking to bring a comedian because virtually comedians don’t really exist,” said Chapman. “We hadn’t had a comedian in two semesters so we were looking to bring someone funny in and thought that Mya would work well with our student body and pull out some laughs and get people to come out and go down to the U-Club and have a good time.”

One of GAB’s main goals is to create an inclusive environment. 

“Our goal was to really be for an inclusive environment for the students to come and have a good time but also to let people connect and enjoy their time on campus and enjoy events while being in inclusive environments,” said Combs.

Another goal for GAB is to increase usage of the U-Club. 

“This is the first event we’ve had in the U-club in probably a year and a half. It’s been a while since we’ve been back down there. We are trying to bring the U-club back to event capacity because during the pandemic we haven’t been able to use it as much,” said Chapman.

For those interested in joining GAB there are different ways to join. 

“A super-easy way to join GAB is to reach out to us, either on social media or in person. Each day there are going to be people in the office during office hours. So chances are you see the door open feel free to walk in and talk to us,” said Combs.” Also, we have meetings every Monday at 8 o’clock in the governor’s room of the student center and come to a meeting and see what we’re about come to check us out and if you like the vibe feel free to get involved. And typically at all our events we have a GAB table so feel free to walk up and talk to us to see what we’re doing.”

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