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Student Government Association looking to fill vacancies

At their recent meeting, members of the PSU Student Government Association discussed the allocations process, current vacancies in the organization, and other events around campus.

On Sept. 8, Student Government Association held their weekly meeting, which passed resolution 21-06 to the allocation’s handbook among other discussion of upcoming events.

After attendance, Officer Reports began. President Kaedra Brenner reminded the group of the 9/11 exhibit in Axe library, and mentioned a remembrance video showing on Sunday, September 12, at 2:00 p.m. Brenner also mentioned an event with Chris Kutcher at Axe Library, who will be coming to PSU for the Banned Book Series later this month. Four SGA members were invited to attend this event.

Vice President Bella L’Heureux’s report discussed 15 vacancy spots in the Student Government Association that are currently unoccupied. Bella encouraged the members to write down 3 names of people who they think would be a great fit for the Student Government Association. After humorously warning against using fake names in these recommendations, Bella mentioned that there are also a lot of at-large positions open, so anyone could apply for those positions. Bella also mentioned the need for four graduate students. After encouraging members to recommend students of their choice, Bella moved forward to discuss Constitution Day and the need for volunteer help from members on September 17 from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

After the Vice President’s report, Chief of Operations Sydney Martinez discussed the allocations handbook going up for first reading this week. She also mentioned questions about allocations, and on making sure the information given is clear and consistent to avoid confusion about the process.

Campus Affair Director Marci Heatherly informed the group of the event Paint the Town Red event the next day on September 9. Heatherly also mentioned the “Student of the Semester” award, and some event planning for the group to get involved in. 

Morgan Singletary, Community Service Chair, remined the group to sign up for the Alzheimer’s Walk using a link in their email.

Moving into new business, Vice President L’Heureux addressed resolution 21-06. This resolution made modifications to the allocations handbook in favor of adding new members to the allocations committee. This adjustment was made for the Fall 2021 semester. One of the biggest changes made when this resolution was sent out for review was a zoom session for information and questions regarding the committee and for anyone else with questions for their organization.  A vote was taken afterwards, and then the resolution was pushed into second reading. Another vote was taken on passing resolution 21-06, which ultimately passed. The meeting was then adjourned.

After the meeting, SGA traveled to the Axe Library to view the 9/11 exhibit. In an interview with senior Vice President Bella L’Heureux, majoring in biology and pre-medical, Bella was asked for one goal that she hoped for SGA to accomplish this year. 

“My main goal would definitely be to make sure that everyone has any of the resources that they need,” L’Heureux said. “I think people are kind of struggling with the transitions from online pandemic school to the current setup, so I just want to make sure everyone has the resources that they need to be successful.”

Students with concerns that they would like to voice to Student Government Association should stop by their office (111 Overman Student Center) or by phone (620-235-4810). Concerns can also be submitted online under their tab on Pitt State’s website (pittstate.edu). 

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