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Solo & Chamber Music Series returns for new season

The Solo & Chamber Music Series (SCMS) is returning to campus for their 2021-2022 season of performances. Patrons will see a variety of acts from an all-female brass ensemble to an award-winning solo pianist, to an oboe, bassoon, and piano trio. 

The Solo and Chamber music series consists of small group ensembles and the series has 6 concerts every year. They are balanced with a variety of musical acts- string trios, baritone singers, a brass quintet, etc. All performances will be held at 7:30 p.m. in the Sharon Kay Dean Recital Hall at McCray Hall. 

The season opener is the Poulenc Trio of bassoon, oboe, and piano in September. October will be featuring the Merz Trio of pianos, with Alon Goldstein, an awarding winning pianist, concluding in November. The spring will open in January with renowned baritone vocalist Benjamin Appl. February will bring the Seraph Brass Ensemble, which is an all-women brass quintet. The 2021-2022 season will conclude with a very special April performance from Grammy-award winning guitarist Jason Vieaux. All concerts are free with a valid PSU ID

A committee of faculty, with each member representing their respective instruments and areas, with Susan Marchant as the chair of the committee and music department selects acts to be on the SCMS concerts.  Special care is taken when choosing these artists to make sure that each year is interesting, new, and provides something for everyone. 

Joanne Britz, professor of clarinet and saxophone, said some positive words on this committee and process. 

“Those of us over the years have realized that this is one of the coolest committees to be on because we have a hand in selecting all of these great artists that we would have to go to Kansas City, or to some other big city, to pay lots of money to go see.” 

The season cannot survive without its benefactors and patrons to help put on each uniquely beloved show that we see each year. These patrons donate money, in addition to other organizations and student, to help keep these events going for so many years. There is combined funding from many places in order to afford these groups.

“So, it started out with the school contributing some, and then Dr. Susan Marchant has built a group of patrons and benefactors and friends at different levels of contributions, and all of that money comes together to be able to afford these world-renowned artists,” Britz said. “All of these performances are high level. The level of playing is so high that even if I wasn’t normally inclined to listen to a brass quintet, I want to hear these people because they play so well. So, I think there is something for everyone.”

Students can find more information on the series and ticket information at the Solo and Chamber Music series website (www.pittstate.edu/music/solo-and-chamber-music-series).

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