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CAC offers officer training for student orgs

The Campus Activities Center (CAC) is holding required training for presidents, vice presidents, treasurers and advisors for student organizations. 

Normally, this training would occur in the Spring but this year, associate director of campus activities Eva Sager switched it to the fall. 

“When we sent students home in the spring of 2020, it was before we had done re-registration… and we hadn’t done one since spring of 2019,” Sager said. 

Sager also said that student orgs might benefit from this training by doing it earlier this year. 

The training provides the officers about how to use gorilla engage, to help showcase what they have going on and to help tell fellow students all about it. It as well helps the officers to be able to assist their members in using the website. 

“So instead of waiting until the spring, we were able to know who was in what position starting the year off,” said Sager. 

Sager believes that doing it in the fall this year has more benefits, Originally, they would do it in the spring so when Pitt Cares came around in the summer, they were up to date 

The training itself was in August and September, ending with the last sessions last Wednesday Sept. 15. They were small sessions scattered throughout the days, in what were hopefully more convenient times for students. They had both in person and virtual sessions to fit everyone’s needs. They made sure to offer multiple, and did six in one day to make sure officers were able to attend. 

The training was more lecture styled, as it consisted of more showing than hands on activities. 

“For this particular topic, it’s a lot of showing, showing where things are in engage,” Sager said.  

Sager called the training “Engage 101,” as they teach a lot about Gorilla Engage, such as ways to set up a profile, change the name, and messaging capabilities. 

According to Sager, if students have not found the organization for them, there are over 100 organizations that students are able to join during their time at Pitt State.

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