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Bike reported stolen on campus

On Aug. 23, 2021, a racing bicycle, a Giant OCR with blue/red letters with white trim, was taken from the carport of a residence in the block of South Tucker Terrace. 

The bike was secured to a pole of the carport by a small lock which was cut. This bicycle was high-end and its value required campus notification due to the value of the bike making it a felony.

“The bike theft was simply a crime of opportunity and the person(s) responsible saw an opportunity to steal a very nice bike in the overnight hours, by having the right tools with them to cut the anti-theft lock,” said chief of University Police Stu Hite. 

University Police is currently investigating as well as looking at surveillance cameras in the surrounding area. To avoid this happening, Hite has recommendations. 

“My advice to returning and new students, take a little extra time to make sure vehicles are locked, valuables are taken inside, consider taking bikes inside as well or make sure they’re secured with a high-quality locking device. Don’t make would-be thieves’ jobs any easier by leaving things in plain view or easy reach,” Hite said. 

If theft has already happened there are multiple things someone can do to help university and city police. 

“If you’re the victim of a theft, make sure you report it to the police as soon as you discover the crime,” Hite said. “Always keep a record of serial numbers, identifying marks, or anything that would make your property identifiable from someone else’s.”

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