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ABC hosts New ‘Campus Clue’

Gus the Gorilla has been kidnapped and Always Be Curious is on the case. 

One of Pittsburg State’s newest clubs, Always Be Curious (ABC) is hosting “Campus Clue: The Case of Goodbye Gus,” a virtual escape room-style forum that opened Aug. 16 and will run through Sept. 3. 

Many classes on campus are utilizing a hybrid delivery style; half online and half in-person. “Campus Clue” is no different. This activity involves discovering six QR codes posted in different locations across campus. Once the QR code is scanned on a mobile device it will take the user to the “crime scene,” a forum where one has to solve three puzzles in order to escape. Upon escaping, the player will learn informational tidbits about who did not kidnap Gus.

“We decided to do this activity at the beginning of the year because freshmen and new students need a chance to become familiar with the campus,” said Neal Zoglmann, president of ABC.

“Campus Clue” is modeled directly after Clue: The Board Game. A game where players accuse suspects and discover the scene and method of the crime using deductive reasoning. “Campus Clue” gives a Pitt State spin to the original game; with six potential Gus kidnapping suspects (members of Pitt State’s faculty), six potential campus buildings he was taken from, six potential banana treats used as bait, and six potential times he could have been taken. Everybody who completes the activity and submits the correct accusation by Sept. 3 is entered into a drawing. Three lucky winners will receive a prize bundle including a copy of Clue: The Board Game. 

Interested students can begin this activity by visiting ABC’s Gorilla Engage Page. Under their list of public events, students should click “Campus Clue: The Case of Goodbye Gus,” and find a link to a PDF with all of the instructions and locations of the posted QR codes. From there, students are free to walk around campus, scan the QR codes, and solve puzzles.

ABC was founded in April of 2021 by its president, Neal Zoglmann. He has since recruited Tricia Combs as vice-president, Morgan Singletary as treasurer, Monice Reid as secretary, and Ruth Monnier as the club’s advisor. ABC is excited to build their club from the ground up by welcoming new members and hosting events that will, hopefully, have high participation from students on campus, according to Zoglmann. ABC’s general club meetings are held every Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the basement of the Axe Library. Students who are interested in getting involved with ABC should attend meetings for more information.

ABC has many planned activities for students approaching this semester, including Magical Trivia on Oct. 6 in the Ballroom of the Overman Student Center.

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