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A Welcome from the New Editor-In-Chief

Hello, my name is Brock Willard and I am honored to step into the role of Editor-In-Chief at the Collegio, Pittsburg’s student voice since 1916. While I am a graduate student in music, I have developed a strong devotion to the field of journalism over the last couple years of undergraduate study and have had the wonderful opportunity to step into this role. I aim to serve the university community faithfully and, to the best of my ability, keep my fingers on the pulse of Pitt State. 

I would like to thank the advisor of the Collegio, Josh Letner, and the previous editors-in-chief that I have worked under: Carol Anne Smock, Morie Price, and Lilliana Black. They have all been invaluable for me to get to the place that I am at today.

I turn my attention to the Pittsburg State community. You are the lifeblood of this newspaper, and you are the reason we do what we do. Without you, the gift of journalism could not be given. You are the students who organize the events that we cover and complete the incredible accomplishments that we highlight. You are the faculty who provide the excellent education the students come here to receive. You are the staff who keep our lovely microcosm running. I want this paper to serve you because ultimately it is for you. If you have any tips on stories or ideas on features of our campus to highlight, please reach out by email (collegiostories@gmail.com).

Lastly, if you are interested in becoming a staff member for the Collegio, we are on Gorillas4Hire or you can stop by the Collegio office in Whitesitt 210. We are hiring reporters, photographers, advertising representatives, and paper distributors. We would love to put your talents to great use.

I look forward to serving you as the Editor-In-Chief of the Collegio.

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