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Options for political involvement at PSU 

As incoming freshmen, many students have already developed some of their beliefs and stances on hot topics. Pittsburg State has two political organizations that students can join to meet other students with similar belief systems.  

Pittsburg State University College Republicans and Campus Democrats are both active organizations that hold meetings monthly.  

Bralyn Wilson graduated this past May with a degree in recreation services, sport and hospitality management but is the current acting President of Campus Democrats until Aug. when a new President will be selected.  

“PSU Campus Democrats is an organization where you can meet other students and engage politically through voter registration and outreach, and volunteering or working for political campaigns and civic engagement organizations,” Wilson said. “State and federal election years are really exciting as PSU Campus Democrats works with the Crawford County Democrats, campaigns, and other organizations to mobilize voters through phone banking, canvassing, running a physical headquarters, and staffing fundraisers to elect Democrats up and down the ballot.”  

Pittsburg State University College Republicans has held events in the past such as guest speakers but does not yet have anything planned for the fall semester.  

“…We are political organization that organizes other college students from Pittsburg State and meet with other across the state to… promote conservative values,” said Alex Timpe, senior in accounting and former Chairman of College Republicans. “On election years we do help out federal, state, and local candidates get elected into office.”  

Campus Democrats has a Twitter and Facebook page (@psucampusdems). They also have a Discord but students will need to get in contact with them to request to join their Discord.  

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Campus Democrats have met virtually via Zoom. According to Wilson, the group sometimes substitutes meetings for gatherings whether it’s a game night or a debate watch party.  

“Our organization does not currently have planned activities for the fall semester,” Wilson said. “During ‘off-years’ or years in which elections are locally-based like this year, our organization typically just focuses on voter registration and planning efforts for upcoming races. However, due to the state of Kansas’ recently passed voter suppression law, which went into effect July 1 and threatens all Kansans working to register voters with a felony and imprisonment upon being perceived as an election official, our club has not selected dates for voter registration booths as we would normally leading into local general elections Nov. 2.”  

To get involved in either of these organizations, students can contact them through Gorilla Engage and request to join.  

“…We are open to all students regardless of political beliefs,” Timpe said.  

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