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ISA resuming activity in the fall 

The International Student Association (ISA) at Pittsburg State University presents students with the opportunity to create multicultural relationships amongst each other while also hosting unique events to showcase the diversity of Pitt State’s students.  

Known for hosting events such as the International Showcase, welcome parties, and the Food and Culture Fair, ISA hosts a wide variety of events for Pittsburg State students.  

Marlon Merida Morales, a senior in political science and President of ISA, says that ISA facilitates relationships between students.  

“The International Student Association is an organization that helps bring students together from around the world,” Morales said. “Our organization has students from many backgrounds and cultures that through social events and meetings, are able to express themselves and their culture.”  

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there’s questions as to whether or not events, gatherings, and activities will need to be cancelled again. The situation is being monitored, though, and ISA hopes to host events throughout the duration of the fall semester.  

“If all goes well, for the fall we are planning the Tastes and Sounds of Nations event which provides each International student the opportunity to show a bit of their country through food or a giving a performance,” Morales said.  

ISA has weekly meetings. For more information on scheduled events or to join the organization, reach out to ISA via their Gorilla Engage page.  

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