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Helpful online resources to utilize 

With modern technology, students have access to an overabundance of resources online.  

For Pittsburg State specifically, the GUS portal is one online resource to make use of.  

Within the GUS portal, there are numerous links and groups available for students.  

GUSClassic offers many resources in which students can keep up to date with their education, financial aid, and other useful information.  

In GUSClassic, the first heading is Enrollment and Student Information where students can run their degree audits, enroll online, purchase textbooks, and view unofficial transcripts.  

The degree audit breaks down course requirements for students’ majors, minors, and emphasises. Students can also run degree audits to view requirements for different majors and minors.  

Purchasing textbooks is low on the list of things college students want to do but it has to be done. GUSClassic makes the process easier. The ‘Purchase textbooks from the Gorilla Bookstore located in the Overman Student Center’ link will make purchasing textbooks much easier. After being redirected to another page, students can enter their course ID numbers and it will give you a list of textbooks that are required for your courses.  

The second heading in GUSClassic is Financial Assistance where students can view their application status and verify enrollment for disbursement of funds. This assists students in making sure their financial aid file is complete and that PSU doesn’t need any more information from students, allowing for an easy financial aid disbursement process. If students do need to make corrections or fill out more paperwork, the ‘Application status’ link will inform the student of this. Verification of enrollment for disbursement of funds must be done every semester before any financial aid will be dispersed.  

Other uses of GUSClassic include setting up direct deposit, changing your PSU password, registering to vote, customizing GUS, and Banana Bucks  

The GUS Portal also has links to Canvas, Office 365, GUSMail, GUSCloud where student employees log hours for each pay period, and more.  

Another extremely beneficial online resource to use is the Schedule of Classes. This can be located by simply entering ‘Schedule of classes at Pittsburg State’ into Google. This link is updated sometime between the middle and the end of every semester and allows students to view the courses being offered in the following semester which in turn allows students to plan their class schedules early.  

Students can view courses in each department which is helpful in finding courses specifically for your major or minor. Students can also find courses that fill pathway requirements and general education courses. Additionally, there are links to lists of all Writing to Learn courses, 100 percent online courses, and night courses. 

For every course, the instructors are listed and there are meeting times available. It also lists how many seats the course has available and it will tell you how many credit hours the course is. The icons on each course also inform students of useful information. There are icons for which courses are Writing to Learn courses and if the course is online among other things.  

Pitt State has a wide variety of webpages, including the University Directory and websites for each department complete with faculty names and contact information.  

Taking a little bit of time to familiarize yourself with these online resources can be beneficial for navigating Pitt State.  

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