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Helpful advice from current PSU student for incoming freshmen

For incoming freshmen, colleges and universities can be an intimidating environment. There are many new experiences and important things that students must learn and remember to ensure they are successful. There are many opportunities for incoming freshmen to succeed at Pittsburg State University regardless of their major. Sometimes, some helpful advice from an upperclassman can do some good for curious freshmen who have questions about what to do in any given situation. 

“The most important thing to remember is to plan your breaks,” said Erica Baldwin, senior in music education. “This is essential for survival. I always like to make time to eat and rest and just breathe… I’ll take 20 minutes after marching band or wind ensemble and just sit down and do mostly nothing. Planning your day and when you have time to relax is the best thing you can do…” 

Baldwin participates in the university choir, chorale, wind ensemble, and is also one of the drum majors for the Pride of the Plains Marching Band. 

“Another thing I found that was something I wish I knew is that as a freshman, taking 18 credit hours is not normal,” she said. “As a music major, more credit hours is kind of our lives but I probably could have taken 15 or 16 credit hours and been fine. I will say that if you are taking more credit hours, find friends to help you study or make sure you socialize still even with all your schoolwork. College is about making friends just as much as it is about learning…” 

Baldwin said that one of her most positive experiences, while she’s been at Pittsburg State, is her time playing and directing the marching band. 

“I have just fallen in love with the atmosphere that we have in the marching band,” she said. “The marching band is so high energy and it’s such a great way to make friends… and find your people at college. I imagine tailgating at a football game is different than being in the band, but the band is so extra hype on game days. Everyone is having a good time and we are enhancing the football game itself…” 

One service at Pittsburg State that Baldwin is thankful for is the Writing Center. 

“I really wish I had known sooner about the Writing Center because it’s such a valuable resource,” she said. “When I got here, I struggled just a little bit in my psychology class and after I took my papers into the Writing Center, my papers actually went from low Bs to high As. The Writing Center is that good. I was almost an English major and so I was like, ‘Do I really need to go there?’ Even if you think you’re an excellent writer, you should check out the Writing Center…” 

The Writing Center is located in the Leonard H. Axe Library and accepts both walk-ins and appointments.  

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