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Dusty Park is spending his 13th summer on the Pittsburg State Campus Police Force monitoring buildings for water leaks and being the man to call if your car won't start.

Health and safety information students should be aware of

Pittsburg State University offers on-campus health options for students both physically and mentally. The Bryant Student Health Center is located on the south side of campus next to Russ Hall. At the Bryant Student Health Center, students can be seen for many health issues.   

The Bryant Student Health Center covers health concerns such as colds, the flu, women’s health, men’s health, STIs, and injuries. The health center also has specialists such as a dermatologist and heart doctor among others that work with the health center to provide care for students with reduced cost.   

The health center has recently began taking insurance for appointments and work with students to provide the lowest price for treatment and visits. Students can also get medications filled and refilled through them as well.  

“I think this is a big time when things change and it suddenly is… (students) doing your own healthcare so the main thing would be not to be nervous about coming here,” Farrington said. “Nothing is too small, so if there’s even a question of what kind of allergy medication do I take, what do I take for a headache, basic things you haven’t thought of, we can take care of up to major health concerns.”   

To make appointments students can access the Bryant Student Health Center’s website via the Pitt State website.  

“We encourage students to utilize health center services,” said Sally Pullman-Rinkel, therapist at the Bryant Student Health Center. “A student health fee is included in tuition that helps to fund services, so we encourage students to take advantage of these services that often cost less than they would at outside providers. It can also be more convenient for students to use the health center because they do not have to leave campus to do so.”   

They also provide mental health options for students, with therapists on-site. Students can make appointments via phone call to the health center and set up therapy sessions whether in person or through telehealth. They offer individual therapy, couples therapy, psychological testing, and ADHD testing. Intake appointments are free. The first ten therapy appointments are $15 per appointment and all appointments are that are $25.   

The Bryant Student Health Center is also the home of the Campus Victim Advocate Stephanie Spitz. Spitz is available for those who have experienced domestic violence or sexual assault.   

“We take safety and security very serious,” said Stu Hite, Chief of University Police. “First, we have a 24/7 full-service police department that are fully trained, certified, and constantly learning and practicing (the) best practices in our profession… We also work closely alongside and with our partners and neighboring law enforcement agencies and first responders in looking at threats, crime trends in our area, and any topic that would remotely affect our campus or students at Pitt State,”  

Campus Police are located in the basement of the Shirk Hall Annex. They can also be contacted through their 24-hour phone number 620-235-4624.   

“We are constantly monitoring our campus and surrounding area,” Hite said. “If we become aware of a dangerous situation, we will send out a RAVE alert by email, text, and desktop notification if you’re on campus and connected PSU’s network… Most common these will involve the rare tornado warning for Crawford County, especially in the spring when severe weather is most common, but it can be for any danger or important notice we feel is important enough to notify all of campus (about).”   

Pitt State PD also provide services such as jump-starting students’ cars and unlocking cars that students get locked out.   

If students feel unsafe, witness a crime, or are involved in or witness a vehicular or pedestrian accident on campus they should not hesitate to contact University Police. If the incident is off-campus, University Police do not have jurisdiction and the Pittsburg Police Department should be contacted. 

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