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Greek life available to students 

Around Pittsburg State’s campus, students may notice a number of fraternities and sororities.  

With more than ten fraternities and sororities affiliated with PSU, incoming freshmen have the opportunity to get to know these organizations and possibly decide to join one.  

Phoenix Thomas, junior in nursing, is the President of Lambda Chi Alpha, a Christan based fraternity.  

“…We’re pretty actively involved in the community,” Thomas said. “We try to do a lot of community service. It’s really just a big group of guys that’s pretty diverse and like to have a good time and help out the Pittsburg community.”  

Alpha Gamma Delta is a sorority located at 2102 S. Broadway.  

“Alpha Gamma Delta offers a lot of connections and resources for people in college at PSU,” said Audry Elmore, senior in communication and President of Alpha Gamma Delta. “…Each of our members offers a different set of experiences and values to our chapter and we each equally represent what it means to be an Alpha Gam… We have high standards for academics, we support other campus organizations and the community through our involvement, and we serve our community and the world by helping to fight hunger and help those most in need…”  

According to Elmore, Alpha Gamma Delta has a “philanthropic commitment” to fighting hunger. In the past, the sorority has held events such as group outings to movie theaters, sleepovers at the KC zoo, and roller-skating nights.  

“…Community service activities we do regularly are with the local Lord’s Diner, humane society volunteering, the annual Mac and Cheese feed on campus, and food drives to donate to our local Gorilla Pantry,” Elmore said. “We also offer a variety of events including formals, date parties, yoga nights, family days, homecoming involvement and so much more.”  

While nothing is planned yet, Alpha Gamma Delta will host events in the fall after a decline in activities last year due to the pandemic.  

“The effect COVID-19 has had on our organization has caused quite a shift in normal activities for us,” Elmore said. “…This semester we have lots of fun, safe, in-person events for each of our members. Our executive council worked very carefully with our national organization and local COVID guidance to come up with a fall semester schedule that will help the chapter safely increase our community involvement and bring us back to a normal schedule of in-person activities.”  

Lambda Chi Alpha is hosting a poker night on Saturday, Aug. 7 from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. in their chapter house located at 1820 S. Broadway. The fraternity is excited for the upcoming academic year.  

“…As of right now, if everything stays how it is, it’s looking like Greek life will be able to do some things,” Thomas said. “So, we’re really excited to be participating in homecoming again… and we’ll participate in Yell Like Hell. If COVID allows, we’ll be doing run-outs with some of the sororities and philanthropy events for Feeding America…”  

If students are looking to join a fraternity or sorority, organization pages and information can be found about any fraternity or sorority on Gorilla Engage.  

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