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Fun clubs, organizations to get involved in 

Pittsburg State University has no shortage of clubs, organizations, and groups that students can join ranging from academic areas to pre-professional.  

PSU also has many interest-based clubs and organizations that can allow students to get involved in the campus and community and sometimes attend competitions.  

The PSU Combat Robotics club meets once a week for the duration of the fall and spring semesters.  

“PSU Combat Robotics is a club about building battle bots to take to competition in both KC and St. Louis and maybe even nationals and compete by battling our bots against each other,” said Zach Westfall, senior in electrical engineering technology and President of PSU Combat Robotics. “The first semester consists of learning what the bots are and drawing models until we have one that the group can agree on. Then we take that design and either make it ourselves or send it off to a machine shop to have them build it for us.”  

Another special-interest organization is Students for Sustainability (S4S).  

“…We are an organization that is dedicated to promoting and creating a cleaner, more sustainable environment for our campus and our community,” said Tucker Jessip, sophomore in business administration and President of S4S. “We spread awareness around the university, trying to make people aware about environmental issues, while also actively going out and making a cleaner environment.”  

Logan Chatman, senior in manufacturing engineering technology and member of the Outdoor Activities Club (OAC) has been active in the organization for three years.  

“The OAC is an activities group dedicated to having fun outdoors,” Chatman said. “In the past we have organized paintball, kayaking, skiing and camping trips.”  

The OAC has three events in both the fall and the spring.  

“…In order to participate students will need to attend the information session which will be held the week prior,” Chatman said. “Within the information session we will discuss where we are going and what to expect.”  

In the fall, PSU Combat Robotics has plans to make new bots with the potential addition of a cage for testing the bots.  

“PSU Combat Robotics is a club for everyone with an interest in robotics,” Westfall said. “In this club we have had people from majors all over the campus and you do not have to know anything about it going in.”  

Currently, S4S has nothing planned for the fall semester but they are working on projects like an aquaponics system at USD 247 and a community clean-up day,  

“…If there is any project that a student is passionate about and that promotes sustainability, the organization will be more than happy to look it over and consider it at one of our meetings this semester,” Jessip said.  

To find contact information for clubs or explore other options, visit Gorilla Engage online.  

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