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Easy dorm recipes for new students

The first year of college is typically the first time a student is away from their parents and living “on their own.” Dorms provide an easy transition from living with parents or guardians to renting their first home. While dorm life comes with many on-campus dining options, it’s also important to have some easy dorm recipes handy. 

Cooking is not the easiest option in the dorms unless using the oven and stove top in the common area but there are some helpful tips and tricks for making food. Investing in a Keurig is beneficial as they can be used for more than just coffee. A Keurig can be used to heat water for ramen noodles and make tea, coffee, or hot chocolate.  

While frozen pizzas and ramen are easy to purchase and easy to cook, whether it’s in the dorm room microwave or in the oven in the common area, these things can grow old quickly.  

Cheap and easy breakfast options include scrambled eggs. Eggs can easily be cooked in the microwave and can be made into a quick omelet. Simply crack one egg in a mug, pour in a splash of milk, and optional seasonings. The optional ingredients include some small, cubed pieces of bread, spinach, tomatoes, onion, green peppers, or any preferred vegetables. Combine the ingredients in the mug and put it in the microwave for approximately a minute and a half and boom, a quick and easy omelet before morning classes. This recipe also makes for a great meal prep option. Simply buy the ingredients and separate them into the proper servings before saving them in the fridge then wake up in the morning, throw them together, and pop it in the microwave.  

A quick on-the-go recipe for those who like to sleep as long as possible is a simple to-go cup of yogurt and granola. Mix preferred yogurt and granola, and the optional chia seeds, flax seeds, or preferred fruits. This is an easy breakfast to take to class that is neither loud or disruptive, easy to make, and takes hardly any time at all.  

As a freshman learning how to live with another person in the dorms, be away from home, and learn a new schedule, it can be difficult to remember to cook. Snacks are a must for dorm living. One way to keep snacks readily available for the day is to hang an over the door shoe organizer on the closet door and fill it with snacks such as granola bars, chips, crackers, and candies, however, to keep these snacks as nutritious and filling as possible the best option is to get protein-filled snacks for on-the-go options.  

On-campus dining options are always available during their working hours however it is important to not only have food available for after hours meals, cheap meals, or just small snacks.   

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