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Students collaborate to create first “PSU Campus-Community Green Guide”

Pittsburg State communication students began working on the first “PSU Campus-Community Green Guide” in the spring semester. The guide will highlight businesses in the community that engage in sustainability-focused or socially responsible business practices.  

The group consisted of Emily Ruble, Nicholas DellaCamera, Emerson Tice, and Lucas Allen, who each had different roles in the project. Ruble acted as the project leader, Tice worked on publicity, DellaCamera worked on writing/print production, Allen also assisted with print production, and Kenny focused on client relations.  

“Initially, we started this guide as a group project for a class (Strategic Planning and Campaign) with Alicia Mason,” said Kenny, who graduated in May with a communication degree. “My group was lucky enough to get the opportunity to design and create the Green Guide which was such a great opportunity that we did not expect to turn into something so important and so big.”  

Using a grant provided by the PSU Student Sustainability Fee Council, the group’s guide will be available on Pitt State’s sustainability webpage in the fall. The project also aligns with the Pittsburg State’s 2018-2022 strategic plan and continued focus on sustainability and serves to generate awareness of PSU’s sustainability initiatives and behaviors.  

“I knew little about sustainability practices so working on this guide and finding all sorts of information and ways that the community and school can participate to make our town that much better was a huge thing for me,” Kenny said. “I was the client relations person in my group so I was in contact with Hunter Adamson the vice president of PRAD giving her updates on how this project was coming along as PRAD will be taking over the Green Guide as all of our group just graduated. As well as getting in contact with businesses to see how they practice sustainability efforts. As well as working with Emerson and Gracie in some of the design aspects of the guide making it a bit modern and not too information-heavy as we want students and the community to actually look through and read the guide.”  

Kenny had hoped for a larger number of local businesses to participate in the guide though was happy to recognize the ones that responded to the group’s inquiries.  

“For this we really just wanted to see if any of our local businesses practice sustainable efforts,” Kenny said. “We tried to get more businesses to participate but unfortunately (that) was a struggle, and only got about seven businesses to participate in the survey and be recognized in our Green Guide. Props to our seven local businesses that participated.”  

Being sustainability-focused can improve the quality of life around the globe, according to Kenny.  

“When we focus on sustainability, the entire world can benefit and we get to live in clean and healthier living conditions,” Kenny said. “Overall, it is something that everyone can practice and be involved in and that’s what is so great about it.”  

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