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Members of 2021-2022 dance team announced

The Pittsburg State Crimson & Gold Dance Team has released the roster for the 2021-2022 school year.  

Carissa Marrone, freshman in nursing and minoring in dance, is a new member and this will be her first year on the dance team. Marrone danced competitively in high school.  

“I wanted to continue dancing through college and be able to be involved with the school,” Marrone said.  

Karlie Vaters, junior in nursing, is a returning member and this will be her second year on the team.  

“I love going to practice, being able to spend time with the team, and dancing at games,” Vaters said.  

Returning member Kaylee Hicks, senior in family and consumer sciences education, has been a member of the dance team for two years but this will be her first year as a team captain.  

“I love all of the people I have met while being on the team,” Hicks said. “These girls are some of my best friends and I can’t imagine not having them. I also love getting to perform and represent Pitt on the field, court, and the nationals stage.”  

Other students on the dance team include Taylor Butcher, Gracie Cox, Halee Harpenau, Katie Nelson, Dani Torgler, Ellie Wheeler, Kenzie Coester, Breanna Goodwin, Kassandra Lewis, and Jolene Nirschi.  

Hicks has high hopes for the year and for all of the members of the team and is eager to work with everyone.  

“This year, I think we have a lot of potential to have the best year yet,” Hicks said. “I can’t wait to get closer with the girls and dance with them.”  

With a long history of dancing behind her, Vaters is looking forward to next year and being able to show her Pitt State pride at sporting events.  

I have been dancing since I was three and love being able to dance at the games and support Pitt State with my team,” Vaters said.  

 Marrone is also counting down the days until the team comes together on game days.  

“I’m looking forward to probably game days the most and being able to find new friends too and meet new people,” Marrone said. 

While the last year surely looked different than previous years due to COVID-19 and all the restrictions and limitations that the pandemic brought, Vaters is anticipating a bit of normalcy returning this year.  

“I am looking forward to getting to know all of the new girls better,” Vaters said. “I am also excited to dance at more games this year and be able to go to nationals.”  

Hicks added that she is thankful for the continual support of the community.  

“(I) just want to say thank you to all of those in the Pitt community that support us.”  

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