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Women’s rugby defeats K-State

The women’s rugby team played Kansas State University on Saturday, Apr. 10 in their first game back since COVID-19 cancelled all scheduled women’s rugby games last March.  

The Gorillas beat K-State (82-0).  

Mauresa Caire, junior in manufacturing and President of the Women’s Rugby Club, thought that the rugby Gorillas played extremely well, especially considering that this was their first game back since last season was cancelled and considering that the Women’s Rugby Club has several new members this year.  

“I believe our team played extremely well,” Caire said. “It was the first game since Covid started. We were able to recruit about 15 girls this year. So, it was the first game for the majority of the girls on the field. We won the game 82-0.”  

Like all new members, getting the hang of how the game is played and improving takes time. Thus, the club’s main goal right now is to continue working and practicing.  

“It was a great game for everyone to refresh their skills, and it was great experience for our rookies,” Caire said. “Since we do have a very young team, I believe everyone just needs to keep improving their rugby skills and knowledge overall.”  

Caire was especially impressed with the new rugby club girls for leading the charge against K-State and coming out the gate hot.  

“All of our rookies really stepped up and competed,” Caire said. “They did really well, and the first game for anyone can be really intimidating, but they didn’t let that phase them.  

For now, the Women’s Rugby Club Gorillas will continue working to improve and practicing with the possibilities of more games being scheduled in the future.  

“As of now, our only other game this semester, is our alumni game,” Caire said. “So, I’m hoping to see the continuous improvement as a team.”  

Many sports and sporting season were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the Pitt State Women’s Rugby Club was no different.  

“It was very exciting to be able to play again, we have waited over a year,” Caire said. “Over the past school year, it was very difficult to arrange practices and be able to teach everything thoroughly. Rugby is a contact sport, so it was difficult trying to simulate contact, without actually making contact.  

To contact the Women’s Rugby Club, they can be reached via Facebook through their Facebook page (Pittsburg State University Women’s Rugby and @rillarugby) and through Gorilla Engage. They do not require any experience or prior knowledge of the game for those wishing to join.  

“If anyone is interested in joining the team, please don’t hesitate to contact us,” Caire said. “Our contact information is on our Gorilla Engage page.”  

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