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Student organizes project in opposition of the ‘pink tax’ 

Pittsburg State University student Kristen Martin believes everyone should be aware of the so-called ‘pink tax.’  

The pink tax is an up-charge on products for women.  

According to Martin, products that see this upcharge are items such as girl’s toys, shower products, and razors.  

Martin, a freshman in interior design, has started a petition to raise awareness.  

“The petition became a way for me to bring awareness to this issue because many people have never heard of it before,” Martin said. “The more people are aware of the pink tax the more they will start to notice it in their own lives and understand why it is a big problem.”  

The project began as an assignment in a women’s studies course, but Martin has gradually come to believe that the pink tax is a real issue that affects anyone who uses women’s products.  

“At first, it started as a project for class but as I researched it became so much more,” Martin said. “Every website I looked at brought something new to the table as to how the pink tax is so relevant today.”  

To view the petition, navigate to www.change.org/thepinktax.  

“I have always believed in equality but have never had a chance to do something about it,” Martin said. “The pink tax is important to me because it directly affects me and everyone who buys women’s products.”  

According to Martin’s petition site, the pink tax is a, “name given to gender-based discriminatory pricing of products.”  

“Gender-based pricing cost women $1,300 more than men annually,” Martin said. “The first step to solving a problem like the pink tax is awareness. Without awareness, there is no support and without support, there is no change. Plus, once you start seeing these price differences you can actually save yourself a lot of money and fight back by not buying the upcharge pink packaged product.”  

According to Martin, the best way to create real change and end the pink tax is to spread awareness about the topic.  

“Legislature has begun passing laws against discriminatory pricing, so what you can do to help is to keep learning and being aware,” Martin said. “Mention it to your friends and family to spread the word. You can also sign my petition to end the pink tax at www.change.org/thepinktax.”  

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