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SGA and OSD host bowling night

As the semester comes to a close and many students prepare to graduate, various campus organizations are hosting events to help students relax amidst their studies and spend time with friends.  

The Student Government Association (SGA) and the Office of Student Diversity (OSD) hosted a bowling night at 6:00 p.m., Thursday April 1 at Holiday Lanes. This event was put on to bring student organizations together for an end-of-semester hangout before finals and graduation.  

“In the past, the Domestic Multicultural groups like the Black Student Association, Native American Student Association, and Hispanics of Today would do events together or hang out off campus with the International multicultural groups like Indian Student Association and African Student Association,” said  Black Student Association (BSA) President and marketing exec Kyle Carr, junior in graphic communications. “Since the pandemic, it has been a year since we had a moment to get together and do something, this bowling night hosted by SGA was a great way to get us back together again after a year and a half of distancing from average sized gatherings.” 

SGA president Sumner Mackey, senior in communication and political science, said while planning the event to give students a much-needed break, staying safe was one of the top priorities.  

“I think that putting on safe and clean events is very important to student life right now,” Mackey said. “Since we were unable to have a spring break and most classes are online, there are a lot of people who aren’t having any kind of break and aren’t able to have the social interactions that help them decompress from a stressful day. We want to make sure that the students aren’t over stressed and have no outlet to relax and so by putting on events, we are doing what we can to help.” 

Since Pitt State moved their spring break to the end of the semester, the leaders of student organizations were worried there would not be another chance to have all the members together before students left after graduation and international students returned home from their studies abroad.  

SGA Multicultural Affairs Director Khadija Ceesay, sophomore in graphic communication, organized the event by bringing up a few different activities to Mackey, and sending out polls to organizations to vote on the decision.  

“When I first pitched the idea, it was going to be at the recreation center,” Ceesay said. “Then that idea flopped because renting out the recreation center is difficult. So, we just decided to go bowling because it is easier to rent out the lanes.” 

Ceesay also said she chose this activity because anyone can bowl and have fun, even if they have never done it before.  

“Bowling is fun and accessible,” Ceesay said. “We asked students RSVP in advance for two free games and it was very cost effective, and anyone could come. No one would’ve had to drive very far, and we are supporting local businesses in Pittsburg.”   

Ceesay said she hopes the event was a time for students to connect with each other. 

“I hope it made everyone bond with each other.” Ceesay said. “People from BSA were talking to international kids and everyone was getting to know members within other organizations. Everyone was having a good time and I hope we can do this again soon.” 

For more events hosted by SGA or OSD, or to join an organization, visit Gorilla Engage at https://pittstate.campuslabs.com/engage/. 

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