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2021-2022 SGA president, vice president selected

The incoming SGA president and vice president for 2021-2022 have been chosen.  

Kaedra Brenner will be the president and Bella L’Heureux will be the vice president.  

Brenner, a junior in plastics engineering technology,  

“It is incredibly exciting being elected as Student Body President for this upcoming year,” Brenner said. “I’ve learned so much throughout my time in the Student Government Association as Treasurer last year and as Vice President this current year, and I am honored for the opportunity to use what I have learned to help better the experience of the student body as much as possible.”  

L’Heureux is a junior in biology. Being selected as a leading member of SGA has always been one of L’Heureux’s dreams.  

“I am so excited to be the upcoming Student Body Vice President,” L’Heureux said. “I have wanted to serve in this roll since I first started at Pittsburg State. I cannot wait for the next year.”  

Brenner will use her time as SGA President to push for making PSU students’ experiences better and more enjoyable, among other things.  

“My main goal… is to strive to accomplish the things on our platforms that we pushed for during our campaign,” Brenner said. “While brainstorming for our campaign, Bella and I looked at the past school year and looked for ways to improve Pitt State’s atmosphere, which lead to the four main platforms that our team focused on—advocacy, outreach, unity, and well-being. Through each of these platforms we focus on what will make the best experience for our students, especially since the pandemic has taken a lot away from students and has been detrimental to our mental health. Another goal is to make the Student Government Association a more well-known and utilized resource on campus for students and in the community through outreach and service projects, collaborations with other student organizations and local businesses, and advocating to faculty and staff the needs of the students. Our students are our main focus.”  

According to L’Heureux, people on campus might be feeling disconnected because of the pandemic is one of her goals is to bring everyone together again.  

“I think that there was a huge loss of community throughout our campus this year,” L’Heureux said. “As vice president, I want to work to create a sense of unity and family among our campus again. I want to make sure that students from all backgrounds feel supported and communicated with.”  

 L’Heureux is also excited for networking opportunities.  

“I am really looking forward to getting to interact with more regent schools,” L’Heureux said. “I am excited for all the new connections I will make throughout our state, especially since these connections will bring in new ideas and opportunities for our university.”  

SGA still has open positions for cabinet and chair members. Applications for Director of Campus Engagement and Director of Community Engagement are open on Gorilla engage. SGA will select the Chief of Operation and Director of Multicultural Affairs during their first meeting on April 21. There are four Chair positions that will be elected early on in the term and consist of Community Service, Grants, Health Services, and Public Relations Chair.  

“One of the biggest things that I am looking forward to during my time as president is seeing how the university as a whole grows as we, hopefully, get closer to the end of this pandemic,” Brenner said. “The pandemic has definitely affected many students, their learning environment, and the way our campus functions altogether, and I hope we are able to bring back some aspects of normalcy on campus this upcoming year.”  

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