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Students organizing scavenger hunt for incoming freshman

College is a new chapter in a student’s life. For many, it’s exciting and they’re eager to begin their college career. However, it can also be overwhelming for some students.  

With this in mind, this semester, Pittsburg State University students enrolled in Foundations of Leadership 600 have decided to arrange a scavenger hunt for incoming freshman students. The scavenger hunt will lead them around campus, familiarizing them with the landscape of Pitt State while also giving them a guide to where specific buildings are.  

Joseph Herndon, senior in construction management, is one student in the foundations of leadership course who is helping set the scavenger hunt up.  

“Our goal for the students to gain from this experience is to become more familiar with campus so that when they come to Pitt State as… (freshman), they will have a basic idea of where things are,” Herndon said.  

The scavenger hunt will take place at 12 p.m. Saturday, April 10 and will continue until 2 p.m.  

“(The high school students will be looking for) different meaningful and interesting landmarks around the Pitt State campus,” Herndon said.  

According to Herndon, the students in the foundations course chose the places on the scavenger hunt in order to highlight some key features of Pittsburg State.  

“We have chosen the landmarks that we believe show our school’s diversity, age, uniqueness, and spirit,” Herndon said.  

Walking across campus, there is typically something going on whether it be students hanging out and playing games or student organizations having some kind of fun activity or booth set up for people to stop by and interact with them.   

“We thought that a scavenger hunt would be best way to lead students around our gorgeous campus and show off all that it has to offer,” Herndon said.  

By having a wide range of landmarks to find, students participating in the scavenger hunt will journey across campus and be introduced to the activities and atmosphere of PSU.   

“We hope to bring students to campus and introduce them to all of the fun and exciting opportunities at Pitt,” Herndon said.  

The Foundations of Leadership students are working with campus officials to make the scavenger hunt possible, notably the Pittsburg State Admissions Office and Admissions Director Scott Donaldson.  

“… High school students will come participate in this event on their own time,” Herndon said.  

Throughout the academic year, Pittsburg State hosts a wide variety of events, award ceremonies, and activities. While this can’t all be conveyed in a single scavenger hunt, Herndon hopes to show incoming freshman and prospective students part of what being a Pittsburg State student is like.  

“Our hope is that they can see the pride and history of our school and what it truly means to be a Gorilla,” Herndon said.  

Prospective students and high school students that attend and take on the scavenger hunt will get a free PSU t-shirt.  

“Our ultimate goal for this project is to attract new students to campus and to attend PSU,” Herndon said.  

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