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PSU student organizes fundraising project for KSMODA, DACA

The Kansas/Missouri Dream Alliance’s (KSMODA) mission, according to their website, is to, “serve and advocate for immigrant rights and higher education for undocumented youth regardless of citizenship status, sexual orientation, race, color, gender, and national or ethnic origin.”  

Zaira Gomez, junior in social work, is raising money for KSMODA. The organization is currently providing assistance to Deferred Action Against Childhood Arrival (DACA) clinics.  

“…KSMODA is currently focused on DACA clinics where they help individuals reapply or apply for the first time to the DACA program,” Gomez said. “They are able to provide pro-bono attorneys for applicants to review their applications to ensure the information is filled out correctly. They are also able to provide financial assistance to those in need, whether it is for legal reasons or for application fees. The organization’s funds are raised through fundraising, assistance from community members as well as donations given to their organization.”  

DACA is a two-year program issued under President Obama that allows undocumented immigrants to work while deferring legal action.  

Gomez’s family are DACA recipients.  

“I was raised here in America my whole life and I can now experience the same rights as others like driving and working,” Gomez said. “I have more answers for my future, and it is not left uncertain. I have been able to travel within the U.S to other states like Michigan and Tennessee for leadership conferences and more.”  

Gomez is hosting a food sale at 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday, March 20 Snack Shack in Kansas City where she will sell tacos and nachos. The sale is pick up only and anyone who wishes to support Gomez’s causse and contribute the to the fundraiser should place their order ahead of time.  

“…I know many individuals, some who happen to be Hispanic or Latin, who are in the position to help and are willing to do so to make a difference for these individuals,” Gomez said. “This food sale is a great way to embrace the Hispanic/Latin community while encouraging the support for others.”  

KSMODA and DACA are important organizations and Gomez hopes to provide a bit of financial support through her fundraiser.  

“KSMODA serves many people through protecting from harmful legislation that may be introduced to Kansas and Missouri,” Gomez said. “They do so by lobbying, providing testimony or by running public campaigns to make the public aware of what is happening. DACA is able to temporary grant people with opportunities. These are all things that will better our community and continue to improve us, so it is important to support these organizations.”  

Gomez’s goal is $600.  

“I wanted to raise money for them because of how involved they are in our community and continue to help us every day,” Gomez said. “They make sure that the community can get involved by asking them to call their legislators.”  

Volunteering time and money, getting involved, and being informed are all ways that people can help KSMODA’s cause.  

“People can get involved by volunteering, supporting and becoming educated in what these organizations do for us,” Gomez said. “Donations are also very helpful ways.”  

For more information about KSMODA, visit https://www.ksmoda.org/.  

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