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Athlete of the week: Trey Mooney

This week’s athlete of the week is Trey Mooney.  

Mooney is a junior in physical education. Additionally, Mooney is a member of The Pittsburg State University track and field program.  

“I first started to compete in track and field at the middle school level and then just loved it ever since,” Mooney said.  

Mooney has been a member of the PSU track and field program for three years.  

“Track and field has always been one of the ways for me to get away and focus on myself,” Mooney said. “It was always just good to be on the track and that’s all you have to focus on. When you put in the work it’s good to see the results by PRing.”  

Can you tell me a bit about your background as an athlete and what it means to you?  

“I went to Lamar high school, and then moved onto SBU,” Mooney said. “I then transferred to Pitt, where I absolutely love. Being able to be a part of all these programs has taught me many life lessons.”  

Throughout his college career, Mooney has only participated in track and field. However, before college, Mooney was an athlete on three different sports teams.  

“I think my biggest accomplishment I’ve received in track and field is becoming a national champion but also being able to be a leader for the team and being humbled by the fact that my team chose me to be one,” Mooney said.  

Recently, the track and field teams competed in the NCAA Division II Indoor Championships. The men’s and women’s team both placed in the top ten. The men’s team placed fifth overall and the women’s team placed tenth. In particular, Mooney won the men’s heptathlon, breaking the school record in the process with a personal best. Mooney compiled a total of 5,567 points in the heptathlon.  

“Winning the national championship was such… (an) amazing feeling,” Mooney said. “But I do remember thinking it would be a little more hype… (than) what it was because the only thing that truly brings me peace and joy is God. But don’t get me wrong to have all the work I put in to become the best in the nation is very cool.”  

At the end of January, Mooney participated in the Wendy’s/PSU MUAA Challenge at home. Mooney, along with his track and field teammates Raymond Brass, Graham Hudelson and Bailey Stone, finished second in the 4×400 meter relay. In February, Mooney won the men’s heptathlon at Northwest Missouri State University’s Bearcat Open and Multi’s competition in Maryville.  

Next up for the men’s track and field team is the Emporia State University Spring Invitational on Friday, Mar. 19. The competition will take place in Emporia in ESU’s Welch Stadium.  

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