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Women’s rugby prepping for upcoming season

Life for the women’s rugby club changed from practicing for games to navigating the pandemic when it reached the U.S. nearly a year ago.  

The women’s rugby club halted all games at that point. Since then, they have not played any other games.  

After being cleared to play last week by Pitt State, the women’s rugby club is currently seeking out opponents to schedule games with.  

The women’s rugby club began practicing at the beginning of this semester to prepare for a possible spring season.  

“Our biggest goal for… this semester, is to be able to play again,” said Mauresa Caire, junior in manufacturing engineering and president of women’s rugby.   

They are eagerly anticipating the season and are itching to play again.  

“Our team has been very anxious to get back on the field, and we have just been released to play,” Caire said. “So, we are very excited and hopeful.”  

During games, the women’s rugby club will adhere to set guidelines and restrictions in accordance with COVID-19 policies.  

“We have many new girls on the team, which is very exciting,” Caire said. “I want them to be able to experience a real game this year. We have only been able to practice so far, so they haven’t been able to fully experience the game. We will be following the high school sports guidelines or something similar, at games.”  

Last year, the women’s rugby club started canceling games in April because of the pandemic. One highlight of the previous season was their victory over Tulsa by more than 50 points in April (67-15).  

“Last spring, we were on the track to nationals, but we due to… (COVID) our conference championship and nationals was canceled,” Caire said. “It was not the ending we wanted to our season. It was frustrating to have worked so hard all season, for the end to be canceled. But we are very hopeful that we will be able to return this semester. There will be no conference games or nationals this year.”  

Students interested in joining the women’s rugby club can reach out via the gorilla engage page or through the Campus Recreation Center.  

“If there is anyone who is interested in joining, please don’t hesitate to contact the club through our gorilla engage page,” Caire said. “We are always looking for new members.”  

Students and fans can monitor the social media pages for announcements regarding upcoming games and schedules. Their Facebook page is Pittsburg State University Women’s Rugby.  

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