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Women’s basketball defeats Northeastern State, Rogers State

The women’s basketball team had a week of success. They defeated Northeastern State Thursday, Jan. 28 (65-50) and Rogers State, Saturday, Jan. 30 (92-81).  

“We had a great week,” said head coach Amanda Davied. “We won both and really competed hard. We scored well in both games…. Overall, the team’s really sharing the basketball well…”  

Several players stood out to Davied.   

“Tristan Gegg had an amazing game against Rogers State as well,” Davied said. “She scored 32 and just had an awesome night… Sydnee Crain is still giving us solid defense. And then we have players like Erin Davis, Jamie Jackson, Jena Shipley, Julia Johnson… they’re all stepping in and just playing their roles. We got Maya Williams back so that really helped us as well.”  

Against Northeastern, Kaylee DaMitz led the Gorillas with 25 points. The Gorillas were in the lead at halftime and extended that lead into the third quarter. They maintained their momentum and secured the victory.  

“Our team came together and pulled a great win against Northeastern,” said Tristan Gegg, junior in physical education and women’s basketball team member. “Our point guard had a really great game to secure the win. This helped us become confident for Saturday’s game against Rogers state.”  

At Rogers State, the Gorillas shot 60.6 from the field in the first half of the game and were again in the lead at halftime.  

Gegg broke her scoring record with a career high 32 points, 20 of which were scored in the second half of the game against Rogers State.  

“I had a mindset going into the Rogers game that we weren’t going to lose— since we did the first time,” Gegg said. “I just played hard, and my team did a great job at moving the ball… It was a great accomplishment, me breaking my scoring record, but what mattered most was the win we got.”  

Kaylee DaMitz, junior in finance and women’s basketball team member, was excited to play Rogers State again after the Gorillas lost to them in December.  

“…The Rogers game…. (was) a revenge game because they beat us earlier in the year,” DaMitz said. “I believe that we aren’t the same (that) team we were at the beginning of the year when we lost to them. In that game we jumped out early and fast and never looked back.”  

Next up for the Gorillas are a pair of home games against Central Missouri on Thursday, Feb. 4 at 5:30 p.m. and Lincoln on Saturday, Feb. 6 at 1:30 p.m.  

“Our next game is UCM and we are ready to go and get another shot at them,” DaMitz said. “They are… (number three) in a conference so we (are) looking forward to playing them back here in… (John Lance Arena). We will have Lincoln on Saturday and that will be another game we will need to win to keep our standing in the conference.”  

The Gorillas’ overall record is 10-5.  

“We have a big week,” Davied said. “Central Missouri is nationally ranked, and we’ll need to play well to be able to get one from them but we’re glad to be at home this week. Lincoln has started to win a few games, so it’ll be a tough competition for us. We’re just really excited to get back at home and… I think this is good time for us to be scoring off again against some of the best.” 

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