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QAnon is no longer the fringe political movement. It’s an existential threat.

The far-right movement, QAnon, was born on the internet, the Wild West of ideas in the modern age. Its tentacles have now stretched into the real world. 

Firstly, let’s actually define what the QAnon movement is. That is quite a tall order. Put simply, it’s a far-right political movement focused on various conspiracies. Specifically, the conspiracy theory that prominent Democratic politicians, celebrities, and businessmen are trafficking children for sex purposes and also killing them to steal their life force and gain immortality. Yes, you read that correctly. That is the central belief of the QAnon movement. There are no “Well, I’m not that crazy” proponents of the movement. That is the beginning of the rabbit hole. It only gets deeper and darker from there. 

The movement gets its name from the infamous internet poster only known as Q who remains anonymous on various message boards, hence “QAnon.” As mentioned, the movement starts from an insane conspiratorial place and only moves into crazier territory. It’s unfortunately not just one conspiracy theory. It gathers all of the fringe movements from around the modern diaspora of ideas and lumps them all together. Government faked the moon landing? QAnon believers believe that. Vaccines cause autism? QAnon believers believe that. They even take the far older conspiracy theory that a cabal of “globalists” (read: Jews) run the world and want to form the One World Government. The movement is like a sponge soaking up the absolute worst parts of society and becoming putrid as more and more filth is absorbed. But what makes them so dangerous? Isn’t the QAnon movement just a bunch of LARPers playacting at conspiracy for fun? No. There are elected members of Congress who believe the QAnon lies and that is the real threat. 

The Jan. 6 Assault on the Capitol was in part organized by proponents of the QAnon movement. Another bizarre conspiracy that QAnon believers adhere to is that former President Donald Trump is some sort of military operative playing four-dimensional chess and every setback is actually just “part of the plan.” This, of course, is completely ludicrous. Trump’s endless moaning that the election was stolen only exacerbated this fervor in his animalistic supporters. Members of Congress contributed to this excitement in the QAnon movement. It was only a matter of time before Trump invited them to walk up to the Capitol to “stop the steal.”  

There are many Congressmembers who support this movement and all of its crazy beliefs. To name a few, Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and Lauren Boebert of Colorado. Two completely vile elected representatives who are either incredible con-women or truly idiotic and conspiratorial themselves. I lean towards the latter. Greene once bemoaned that there are members of Congress who were Muslim, saying they can’t possibly serve America’s best interest. In 2018 and 2019, she also said that many prominent Democrats deserved to be executed. Some of those Democrats she now serves with in Congress. Boebert is just as insane. She owned a restaurant before running for Congress and she marketed her restaurant as a “Second Amendment Safe Zone.” Patrons were encouraged to brandish their firearms at the restaurant despite it being an eating establishment and not a gun range. Since being elected to Congress, she live tweeted Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s location during the Capitol Assault to her followers outside. How she still has her seat in Congress is beyond me. 

If your family members or friends believe in QAnon conspiracies, please attempt to bring them back to reality. They don’t live in the real world because it’s more comfortable to exist in a fictional land. Belief in the QAnon movement will only lead to the downfall of society because when reality and truth are not even agreeable, there is no common ground. It destroys civilizations.  

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