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Athlete of the Week: Allary Liberatore

Track and field athlete and sophomore in marketing Allary Liberatore has been on the women’s track and field team for two years.  

Liberatore completed in the most recent track and field meet, the Boo Rogers Combined Events, on Friday, Jan. 15 and Saturday, Jan. 16. Liberatore placed first in the 60-meter hurdles, second in the high jump, fifth in the shot put, second in the long jump, and fourth in the 800-meter dash.  

An Oronogo native, Liberatore started competing in track and field in her freshman year of high school at Webb City High School.  

Working as part of a team and the group effort that is put in is Liberatore’s favorite part of being a member of the women’s track and field team.  

“The thing I like most about track is it’s an individual sport but also a team sport,” Liberatore said. “You get out there and compete to the best of your abilities in your event (or) events to help the team win.”  

Keeping up with social circles, families, academics, and being a member of a sports team is difficult to manage but there are ways it can be done.  

“Balancing school with sports is difficult at times but you just have to be responsible and disciplined with your time.” Liberatore said. “A tip I have is (to) get good sleep and wake up and be productive. I usually do all (of) my schoolwork in the morning (and) then go to practice and then sometimes straight to work after practice.”  

Liberatore’s advice to students currently struggling with maintaining athletics and academics as well as future college students who anticipate running into the same problems is to make sure to find time to relax.  

“Some advice for students balancing school and sports is to stay motivated and make time for yourself to relax and have fun.” Liberatore said. “Advice I have for future student athletes is it’s not as scary or intimidating as it seems. Playing a sport in college is so worth the experience.”  

COVID-19 has affected many aspects of the world and sports was no exception. However, that didn’t stop Liberatore from becoming a pentathlete last spring.  

“My biggest accomplishment so far would have to be my success in the pentathlon in such a short period of time due to COVID-19 sending us home last year in the spring..,” Liberatore said. 

Liberatore has a different kind of team, as well, a team of supporters.  

“My biggest supporters have been my family, of course, and all of my coaches and teammates who push me every day,” Liberatore said.  

The next track and field meet is the Washburn All-Kansas Invitational in Topeka on Saturday, Jan. 23.  

“… I would like to add that I am so proud to be a Gorilla and wish the best for everyone this semester,” Liberatore said.  

The only Pitt State team Liberatore is on is the track and field team.  

“I don’t play a second sport but if I had time, I would love to be on the club volleyball team here at Pitt,” Liberatore said.  

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