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SEK Humane Society partners with PSU to host first Pitt State Pet Day

Pittsburg State students gathered with some furry friends from the Southeast Kansas Humane Society to socialize and de-stress during Pitt State Pet Day. Staff from the humane society brought along shelter dogs Blue, Tanner, Zappa, and Arabella to join in their first campus adoption event that took place in the Oval of the PSU campus, Thursday, Nov. 5. 

“About a month ago we did a volunteer class at Pitt State…to talk about the Humane Society, and the biggest thing the kids wanted (was to) get help with adoptions,” said Jasmine Kyle, Business and Promotions Manager for the SEK Humane Society. “So…I was like why don’t we do some kind of a Pitt State Pet Day where we come down and we could just have fun and everybody de-stress.” 

Kyle said both the shelter dogs and staff were excited to be able to come out and socialize with the students. The event provided the perfect opportunity for them to get the dogs outdoors during COVID, provide adoption information to more people, and show off the benefits of having a pet. 

“To be able to get the event approved by Pitt State is a huge one for us,” Kyle said. “It went fantastic. The biggest goal today was just having fun with the kids, and that was exactly what it was for four hours. Everybody’s been so stressed out with COVID, not only the animals but people too.”  

The SEK Humane Society provides shelter for homeless and abused animals, operates a progressive adoption program, investigates abuse cases, and encourages people to spay and neuter their animals to control overpopulation.  

“Right now, with the event we have an application in for Blue and we have a family that is seriously considering Tanner, as well,” Kyle said.  “…and then maybe a student (is looking) into Zappa. So, out of today we had some fantastic possibilities that may lead to homes for these dogs because of this event.” 

Kyle said that not only did the dogs get prospective homes and a chance to show off their abilities to reduce stress in humans, but they were able to practice social skills they do not often get to in the shelter.  

“The dogs got so much socialization,” Kyle said.  “…they got to learn things that they don’t get to see out there. So, that’s important for…them. They got to learn what skateboards were, they got to learn about bikes, and they got to meet the students, hands on.”  

Kyle hopes the event will open-up more opportunities to get the word out about available services and join prospective owners with adoptable pets. 

“We hope that Pitt State will allow us to do more events,” Kyle said. “With today, and how not only the dogs…were so happy…we had so many compliments from the kids, just asking for us to come back, it was so stress-free for them. Again, it’s not us going out and forcing adoption or anything like that. The biggest thing is for these dogs to relax and have a good day, and especially for the kids too. So, we would love to come back during testing time…anything like that. This is a win-win in each book, honestly.”   

Due to the pandemic, the SEK Humane Society has had to adjust the way they do things. The shelter is a no-kill facility and is at capacity with approximately 90 dogs and 60 cats. Kyle said it is important to let people know that there are still ways to adopt a pet. 

“The biggest thing today too is…right now with COVID…we’re doing adoptions by appointment only out here,” Kyle said. “Everything is all online on our website at www.thesekhumanesociety.com. You go on and you can view any and all of our adoptable animals. What you do now is you fill out an application, you say who you are interested in meeting, and we schedule an hour with you. If you have another dog, we actually ask you to bring that dog with you and you get to meet and do pack walks with the dog you’re interested in out here.” 

People interested in adoption information, additional services like spay and neuter programs, or how to make donations can contact the SEK Humane Society on their website or call 620-232-1840. The animal shelter is located west of Pittsburg city limits, 485 E. 560th Ave., Pittsburg.  

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