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PSU student raising funds, collecting donations for Solace House

Kamri Wolverton, senior in social work, decided to focus her senior project on end-of-life care. Solace House in Joplin is a non-profit organization that provides care for guests who have around 30 days to live.  

Wolverton is raising money and collecting donations for Solace House. Donations include supplies like detergent, kitchen supplies, and other household items. Donations will be collected until Monday, Nov. 16.  

“I have always had a passion for caring for the elderly,” Wolverton said. “That is why I chose to collect donations for Solace House located in Joplin. The home offers 24-hour care to individuals who have roughly 30 days to live. They offer emotional, physical, and financial support, as the costs to stay in the home is $0. With COVID-19 in full swing, Solace House has struggled to put on fundraisers and overall has affected their ways of collecting money. I chose Solace House because this wonderful organization is giving individuals’ and their families the opportunity to spend quality time together during the individual’s last month of life while ensuring a free and comforting stay in the home.”  

Wolverton has always thought that end-of-life care is important.  

“I have always thought the concept of end-of-life care has been neglected, and because of this, many elders have missed out on receiving the best care,” Wolverton said. “This has motivated me to become interested and act for this population. End-of-life care is important because everyone deserves to pass away peacefully and comfortably, whether in their home or in assisted living. End-of-life care is an intimate setting, and social workers must incorporate calmness and open-mindedness to difficult situations to help ensure the best end-of-life care for clients.”  

There are no costs or fees to receive care at Solace House but in order to keep their services free of charge, they need support through volunteers and donations.  

“…(For my project), I chose to focus on the financial burdens that lie on the shoulders of the elderly and their family,” Wolverton said. “The cost of any care can be expensive, and Solace House takes away that burden. What started as a project has turned into so much more. It has allowed me to become involved with my community and has given me the chance to interact with local social workers and other volunteers at Solace House.”  

Some people may not have the financial resources to donate, but there are other ways to help.   

“For those who cannot donate money or supplies, they can donate their time by volunteering,” Wolverton said. “Solace House relies solely on donations and volunteers, as it is a non-profit organization. The home offers many ways for people to get involved such as cleaning, cooking, laundry, greeting visitors, and personal caregiving duties.”  

After the original goal of $500 was met, Wolverton is working to double her goal.   

If anyone is interested in donating or would like to volunteer at Solace House, contact Wolverton at 620-605-9208 or email her at kwolverton@gus.pittstate.edu.  

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