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Caleb Swaim, senior in construction management, dances at the anime club Halloween party held on Oct. 28. The party was held in Yates hall, members brought food and played games during the event. Caleb Oswell

Anime Club Halloween Party

The Pittsburg State University Anime Club hosted their annual Halloween party on Thursday, Oct. 29 in room 102 of Yates Hall.  

Ten present members of the club attended in person while President Shelby Norman, Vice President Christian Blaise, and Treasure Izzy Lunday were participating through zoom due to quarantine related to COVID-19.  

After a few announcements, the club officially started the Halloween party conducting games and activities for those present along with a Smash Bros competition on Nintendo Switch. Drinks, snacks, and cupcakes were also provided for those present at the party.  

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the Anime Club had to make a few adjustments to meet the university virus mitigation measures.  

“It was a little more challenging coordinating the Halloween party this year because we had to decide what food we could bring and if people were comfortable social distancing,” said Jackson Bertoncino, senior in political science and event coordinator for the Anime Club. “Luckily, we were able to find a room big enough so we could wear masks and properly social distance in order to obey university policy.” 

The present members were enjoying the opportunity they had to host a Halloween party despite the ongoing pandemic.  

“The Halloween party was very fun, and I enjoyed playing the group games,” said Jewel Lunday, freshman in music performance and member of the Anime Club. “Everyone’s costumes were amazing as well.” 

Now, the club is commencing preparations for a pumpkin painting activity in the next few weeks and the Anime Club Christmas Party. 

The Pitt State Anime Club has a few events and parties scheduled throughout the year such as the Christmas party and a Back-to-School party along with weekly meetings every Wednesday at 7 p.m. The biggest event for the club is the Naka-Kon, an annual anime convention hosted at the Overland Park Convention Center. Naka-Kon started at the University of Kansas in 2005 as a single-day event and since then, with more than 10,000 participants in 2016, the event has developed into a three-day conference.  

“All the people wearing cosplays, large vendor rooms with all sorts of cool stuff and the great events they have, it was all heavenly to a nerd like me,” said Trevor Schoenhofer, senior in communication. “I had prayed that the convention wouldn’t be cancelled but, in the end, it was all for nothing. While they are trying to do some online stuff this year, it’s just not the same.” 

According to Trevor, events like the Naka-Kon Convention have more meaning when you are physically present. Anime showing, charity ball, cosplay contests, games, music and exhibit halls are a few of the activities they offer at the convention that wouldn’t be properly transferred to an online version of the event.  

“Events such as conventions or classes mean more when you are there, rather than just watching it all through a screen,” Shoenhofer said.  

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