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Pitt State Philosophical Society accepting submissions for philosophy journal

The Pittsburg State Philosophical Society is accepting entries for their annual journal, the Logos-Sophia journal of philosophy. Submissions are being accepted until Nov. 20 and can be submitted through email (pittstatephilosophicalsociety@gmail.com). 

Argumentative, historical and descriptive papers over virtually any topic can be submitted. 

“We tend to consider ourselves kind of interdisciplinary in that we allow for multiple topics to be submitted as long as it’s philosophical in nature and that could be an argumentative piece… a political subject… we welcome all kinds of opinions,” said B.J. Brannon, senior in communication and communications director for the Philosophical Society.   

Submissions are open to any Pitt State student, both undergraduate and graduate. Brannon said they are also opening up the journal to submissions from students from other universities as well. For undergraduate students, submitting a piece and having it published is a benefit when applying for graduate programs. 

“It is a great benefit to one that is searching for graduate schools,” Brannon said. “It sets themselves apart from the competition and say ‘Hey, I did more with my degree’ by showing that.” 

After a student submits their paper, it will be reviewed by a committee comprised of officers and other members of the society. 

“We’re pretty lax in terms of what can be submitted,” said Philosophical Society president Jackson Bertoncino, senior in political science. “We’re kind of, of the belief that anything can be philosophy… whatever you want to write about, we’re pretty much open to that. We check for… proper writing styles, grammar, how well a paper is written. It’s nothing too serious, as long as a topic is appropriate and can be published in any school paper… It has to be at least two pages long, minimum.” 

Students who submitted a paper will then receive an email from the society stating whether their paper had been accepted or not. 

There are no specific format papers must be written in, and papers from a class as well as a personal paper can be submitted. 

“… If you’re writing a paper for a class and want to put that in the publication they’re more than welcome to, but it can be anything even if they just wanted to write a paper…,” Bertoncino said. “…if you’re writing for a class and have a paper anyways, it’s a great way to get your work out there.” 

According to Brannon, there are many benefits of submitting and having a piece published in a journal. 

“Publication is another one of those things that blusters your resume and allows you to say, ‘I applied my knowledge and I did more with my degree,’ it shows as a student that you’re a competitive person,” they said. 

Bertoncino agreed that submitting a paper to them is “great opportunity for students to get published.” 

 “It looks great on a resume… it’s a good experience to have your work published in a magazine,” Bertoncino said. “I strongly encourage anyone from any major to give it a chance.” 

The journal will be published in the Spring semester, sometime between March and May. 

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