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Office of Admissions looking for student ambassadors

The Office of Admissions is currently taking applications for student ambassadors for the sprng of 2021.  

According to a Bulk-E that was sent out, “The University Student Ambassador organization is looking for a wide variety of students. PSU students from all majors and organizations are encouraged to apply…” 

Students who want to apply should have a clear ability to communicate and must have a broad knowledge of PSU. Students must have attended Pittsburg State for at minimum one full semester prior to the spring. There is no GPA requirement.  

Other responsibilities include visiting with prospective students, taking visitors to campus appointments, and giving campus tours. Student ambassadors also help with on-campus activities such as group visits and Rumble in the Jungle.  

“Student Ambassadors are expected to work directly with our prospective students (giving tours, sitting on student panels, etc.),” said Scott Donaldson, director of admissions. “So.., (having) an outgoing personality and enjoying working with people are a must. Ambassadors are expected to keep their grades up and promote Pitt State to everyone they come in contact with.” 

There are some benefits to being a student ambassador, one of them being that student ambassadors will enroll in a 3-credit hour ambassador class and fill two of those hours in the Campus Visit Office.  

“The 3-credit hour leadership course (is one benefit of being a student ambassador),” Donaldson said. “(Other benefits include) letters of recommendation, developing better people skills, and learning more about the campus. When we don’t have… (COVID-19), we also take the new Ambassadors to have lunch with President Scott.”  

Being a student ambassador could also present other opportunities in the future.  

“If you love being a Gorilla and you love this campus, you will want to tell people about your experiences,” Donaldson said. “This is one reason to join. In addition, you get the 3-credit hour leadership course each semester you are part of Ambassadors. And, this is a great add to your resume. Employers love to see stuff like this on your resume. It will open the door during an interview.”  

As a student ambassador, students also gain experience and build or expand on skills that are valuable in the workforce and in everyday life.  

“…This is a fun organization to be a part of and you will gain valuable experience touring prospective students,” Donaldson said. “It will enhance your speaking ability and you will learn to be more organized. All around, this is a great group to be a part of on campus.”  

Any questions regarding the student ambassador program should be directed to Jill Allen. She can be reached at jallen@pittstate.edu.   

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