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Club sports resume practice

After Pittsburg State announced the football schedule for the fall of 2020, hope among club sports teams on campus started growing. After suspending practices and seasons with no scheduled date to get back on the field, club teams can finally see the end of their extended off-season.   

Women’s rugby club team resumed practice three weeks ago with its 35 active members and also following COVID-19 safety and health protocols created by the club and approved by the university in order to help decrease the chances of spreading the virus as much as possible. Due to the uncertainty of the constantly changing regulations at the beginning of the semester, the rugby team received daily updates in regards of their situation.  

“Since we started practicing, there hasn’t been any changes that have affected us, and we hope to continue to be allowed to practice,” said president of women’s rugby club and junior in manufacturing engineering Mauresa Caire. “The conference has cancelled all competitive matches for this semester and all friendly matches have been put on hold until conditions improve.” 

Caire hopes to resume games next semester depending on COVID-19’s status at the time and is excited to welcome many new members to the club.  

“They have all showed great commitment and interest in the sport,” Caire said. 

Caire extends her invite to anyone interested in the sport.  

“Now is a great time to join because we aren’t playing games, so we are able to take more time to focus on the fundamentals and basis of the game,” Caire said.  

The 24 members of the club baseball team have not resumed practice due to no games scheduled and as an attempt to save the money donated by the club sponsors.  

“We have decided to not practice until we are allowed to play games,” said Simon Higginbotham, president of club baseball and senior in biology, “We were all pretty disappointed that we are not allowed to travel but we understand that the safety of others is important.” 

The baseball team expects to resume practice during the spring and Higginbotham hopes for the chance to compete. 

“We are excited for the chance to play next spring and as a lot of us are seniors, we are hoping to get that final season but nothing is worth the health of others,” Higginbotham said, “So if it is safer not to play next season then myself and the other seniors will end our careers as national champions and you can’t ask for much more than that.” 

 PSU soccer team hasn’t resumed practices due to COVID-19 regulations and are still trying to become an official club team recognized by the university.  

“I had a plan, back in March, to actually incorporate the PSU soccer team into the club sports, because the club is not that big but in the future we plan to make it more visible and accessible to students,” said Marlon Merida, president of club soccer and junior in political science.  

The soccer club has 15 players who participate in practice regularly.  

 “Right now, we are reorganizing the club due to no games scheduled hoping to resume practice next week,” Merida said. “We are trying our best to bring new players to the team with hopes to compete against other schools next semester.”  

The men’s rugby team resumed practice on Sept. 29 following health and safety regulations set by the university.  

“We are trying our best to follow the new regulations and it is tough since rugby is a sport of high contact, so we limited the amount of physical contact during practice,” said Jarrod Tayrien, president of men’s rugby club team and senior in business.  

Due to the current regulations, there won’t be any games this semester and the uncertainty carries on to the next year. 

According to the president of the golf team and senior in business, Garek Peters, they are no longer operating as a club this semester.  

“I’ve tried to pass it down to someone as I’m graduating and nobody is interested to my knowledge,” said Peters, “The club may be over before it got started at the most the golf team had 20 golfers compared to 10 now”. 

 If you are interested in joining club golf, contact the club via email (pittstateclubgolf@gmail.com) for more information regarding practices and recruitment. 

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